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Coronavirus in the Far East: information on the morning of May 23

Coronavirus in the Far East: information on the morning of May 23

Now in Russia, the coronavirus has been confirmed in 326 people in 448 regions. In the country, 85 people died from COVID-19. Discharged from hospitals up to 3 recovered. 

Coronavirus in the Amur Region

In the Amur region, 23 more people fell ill with coronavirus in Blagoveshchensk, Svobodny, Magdagachi and Blagoveshchensky district. ... The region now has 317 COVID-19 cases.

The most difficult situation is in Blagoveshchensk and in Svobodny. According to Governor Vasily Orlov, the situation continues to deteriorate, so the authorities will strengthen basic measures to contain the situation. In the region, the number of asymptomatic forms is decreasing, the prevalence of infection has increased, and the number of free beds is decreasing.

Coronavirus in Buryatia

In the republic, the number of cases of coronavirus has increased to 1. During the day in Buryatia, COVID-124 was found in another 19 people. There are 34 coronavirus patients in infectious diseases hospitals, including 462 children.

In the intensive care units, 13 people remain in serious condition, three are connected to artificial lung ventilation devices. At the observatory in the village of Sotnikovo, the patient attacked the nurses and threw stones at them. A criminal case was opened on this fact.

Coronavirus in Jewish Autonomy

In the Jewish Autonomous Region, the number of cases of coronavirus has increased to 264. The bed fund for patients with COVID-19 is 32,2% full. There are 25 patients in the infectious diseases hospital, 41 patients remain on isolation in the irradiation hospital. 

During the epidemic in the Jewish Autonomous Region, 150 people were cured of the coronavirus, two patients died. 426 people remain in home quarantine. 

Coronavirus in the Transbaikal Territory 

In Transbaikalia, 727 cases of COVID-19 have been registered, including 108 children. Three more patients with confirmed coronavirus died at the Chita mono-hospital. The number of deaths from COVID-19 has risen to ten. 

Now ten patients remain in serious condition, three of them are connected to mechanical ventilation devices, 22 are on oxygen support. For the entire epidemic in the region, 341 people were cured.

Coronavirus in the Kamchatka Territory

In Kamchatka, the number of cases of coronavirus increased to 572. During the day, the diagnosis was confirmed in 18 people. Five patients are now in the intensive care unit, two remain on oxygen support, one is connected to a ventilator. 

During the epidemic, 218 people recovered in the region, five COVID-19 patients died. There are not enough beds in Kamchatka for patients with coronavirus. The problem should be solved with additional beds in the multifunctional infectious diseases hospital and in military hospitals. The regional authorities agreed with the Eastern Military District to send two teams of military doctors to the region. 

Coronavirus in the Magadan Region

In the Magadan region, the coronavirus was confirmed in nine more people. The region now has 219 COVID-19 cases. 

One of the sick was a visiting employee of the organization. He flew to Magadan, but ignored the regime of self-isolation. Now the entire enterprise can be quarantined. The situation in the village of Yagodnoye remains problematic, so the regional authorities will not mitigate restrictive measures so far. 

Coronavirus in the Sakhalin Region

In the Sakhalin region, the number of cases of coronavirus increased to 67. The diagnosis was confirmed in three people who flew in from other regions. Two of the sick flew in in search of work on a Novosibirsk flight, the third one was a resident of the Sakhalin region, who returned from work in Dagestan. 

Cafes and restaurants will resume their work on May 26. They will be able to hold banquets and buffets, however, staff and visitors will have to comply with a number of restrictions.

Coronavirus in the Primorsky Territory

In Primorye, the number of cases of coronavirus increased to 1, the diagnosis was confirmed in another 542 people. The rate of increase in morbidity is still quite high, the largest increase remains in large cities.

Another clinic has opened in Nakhodka to treat patients with COVID-19. The regional authorities have named the conditions for lifting restrictions related to the coronavirus. This is the retention of the dynamics of the recovered and the simultaneous reduction in the number of cases. 

Coronavirus in the Khabarovsk Territory

In the Khabarovsk Territory, another 65 people confirmed coronavirus. Now, 1 cases of COVID-509 are registered in the region. Most cases are people between the ages of 19 and 18, and there is one five-year-old child. 

Now 595 patients remain in hospital treatment, 12 are in serious condition, all are connected to mechanical ventilation devices. Another 250 people receive treatment at home.


Coronavirus in Yakutia

In the republic, the number of cases of coronavirus has increased to 1. During the day, COVID-077 was found in 19 people. During the epidemic, 80 people recovered in the republic, 456 were discharged the day before, 46 of them were students of NEFU. 

Now nine patients remain in serious condition in hospitals, one is connected to a ventilator. Self-isolation is not observed by 35% of those arriving in Yakutia. Local residents were allowed to walk on the street together

Coronavirus in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

There are still 56 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the region. For all the time, 24 people have recovered in the region, the disease is asymptomatic in 40% of patients.

One patient with coronavirus died - a 62-year-old resident of the village of Lavrentia. Restrictions due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus in the Autonomous Okrug were extended until May 31. 

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