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Coronavirus in the Far East: information on the morning of April 21

Coronavirus in the Far East: information on the morning of April 21

Now in Russia, coronavirus has been confirmed in 47 121 people in 85 regions. 19 people died from COVID-405 in the country. 3 recovered from hospitals were discharged. 

Coronavirus in the Amur Region

In the Amur region, four more people confirmed the coronavirus in Blagoveshchensk, Belogorsk, Tynda and Zeya. Now, 20 cases of COVID-19 are registered in the region.

In four patients, the disease is accompanied by pneumonia of moderate severity. Four patients with coronavirus have already recovered, they were discharged from the hospital. In total, 2 people in the Amur Region are under medical supervision, these are people who have returned from other regions and those who have been in contact with the sick.

Coronavirus in Buryatia

In Buryatia, the number of patients with coronavirus reached 125. Five more people were confirmed with COVID-19 in the republic per day. 

There are 84 people in the hospital of the Republican Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital, including 13 children. In 27 people with coronavirus, community-acquired pneumonia was diagnosed, five patients are in intensive care in serious condition. For all the time in Buryatia, 38 people have been cured of the coronavirus.


Coronavirus in Jewish Autonomy

22 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the EAO. Six more patients were added during the day. 

18 people remain in the infectious diseases hospital. One patient is in serious condition, he was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia.

Another 21 people suspect coronavirus. Such a significant increase in the incidence of power is explained by the outbreak of COVID-19 in the correctional facility of the UFSIN system.


Coronavirus in the Transbaikal Territory

In Transbaikalia, coronavirus was confirmed in 55 people, including eight children. During the day, COVID-19 was confirmed in seven patients.

Diseases are registered in Chita, Zabaykalsky, Mogoytuysky, Nerchinsky, Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky, Uletovsky and Chernyshevsky areas. For the entire epidemic in the region, four people have recovered from coronavirus. Cases of COVID-19 have been reported at a drug treatment clinic in Chita. Because of this, the institution was quarantined for two weeks.

Coronavirus in the Kamchatka Territory

In the Kamchatka Territory, the coronavirus was confirmed in seven more people., All of them were in contact with previously sick people. Now the diagnosis in Kamchatka was confirmed in 48 people.

Now all patients with confirmed COVID-19 are in the hospital, in separate boxes. Despite a slight increase in the incidence of coronavirus, in Kamchatka, some schools decided to return to full-time study. Restrictive measures have weakened in areas where a calm epidemiological situation is taking shape. 


Coronavirus in the Magadan Region

In the Magadan Region, coronavirus is still confirmed in 65 people. There were no new cases of COVID-19 per day. 

For all the time in Kolyma, one patient with a coronavirus infection has recovered - the first to get sick. In the Yagodninsky urban district, the focus of infection continues to be examined. Doctors went to work in the artel "Kryvbas", from where several infected came at once. 

Coronavirus in the Sakhalin Region

In the Sakhalin region, the coronavirus is still confirmed in 19 people. There were no new cases of COVID-19 for knocking.  

Ten people with a confirmed diagnosis are now receiving treatment. Nine people were discharged from hospitals after recovery, three patients have recovered in the last 1,5 hours. Law enforcers of the Sakhalin Region issued fines for XNUMX million rubles for violators of the self-isolation regime. More than a hundred people did not comply with the Rospotrebnadzor order.


Coronavirus in the Primorsky Territory

In the Primorsky Territory, the coronavirus was confirmed in 104 people. During the day, COVID-19 was found in 24 residents of the region. All the sick are local residents, among them there is one child.

Now 95 people remain in the infectious diseases hospitals of Primorye, including four children. Almost half of the patients were diagnosed with pneumonia. The day before, three patients recovered from coronavirus, in total, eight people were cured of COVID-19 in the region.

Coronavirus in the Khabarovsk Territory

There are 215 patients with COVID-19 in the Khabarovsk Territory. During the day, COVID-19 was confirmed in another 30 people - residents of Khabarovsk and Sovetskaya Gavan. All of them were in contact with previously ill patients.

More than 60% of cases are asymptomatic carriers. In the region, 16 patients were cured of coronavirus, another five people with COVID-19 died.


Coronavirus in Yakutia

In the republic, 111 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed. The situation in Yakutsk escalated: over the weekend, eight patients appeared there. This is not only those who came from other regions, but also residents who turned to medical facilities because of SARS.

Among the contacts of one coronavirus patient was an employee of the perinatal center in Yakutsk. Now all doctors are checked for coronavirus, women in labor and pregnant women are transferred to other institutions, and the center itself has been quarantined.


Coronavirus in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

In Chukotka, two cases of coronavirus are still confirmed. The first sick man recovered.   

In the region until April 30, flights on the territory will be limited. We are talking about flights from Anadyr and regional centers to villages. Transit passengers planning to travel to the regions of Chukotka will have to stay in the observatory for quarantine and pass tests for COVID-19.

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