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Coronavirus in the Far East: information on the morning of June 17

Coronavirus in the Far East: information on the morning of June 17

Now in Russia, the coronavirus has been confirmed in 545 people in 458 regions. 85 people died from COVID-19 in the country. 7 091 recovered patients were discharged from hospitals. 

Coronavirus in the Amur Region

In the Amur region, coronavirus was confirmed in 38 people per day. The total number of COVID-19 cases in the region now stands at 1.

The increase in the incidence rate in the region continues - the distribution coefficient of COVID-19 on average over the past seven days is 1,2. According to Governor Vasily Orlov, the Amur Region is only approaching a peak in incidence and is in the most difficult phase. 

Coronavirus in Buryatia

In the republic, the number of cases of coronavirus increased to 2 - for another day, 341 people confirmed the diagnosis. There are 38 patients in infectious hospitals, including 508 children. 45 people with a mild form of coronavirus remain on outpatient treatment. 

Over the entire period of the epidemic in the republic, 1452 patients were cured, 67 were discharged the day before. 16 patients are in critical condition in intensive care. Quarantine was introduced in the Irokinda shift camp in the Muisky district. The workers infected there were taken to Ulan-Ude by the airborne medical board.


Coronavirus in Jewish Autonomy

In the EAO, the number of cases of coronavirus increased to 383. For the entire epidemic in the region, 289 people have recovered from coronavirus, 55 patients are treated at home.

The bed fund for patients with COVID-19 is 37,7% full - 68 out of 180 beds are occupied. 141 people remain in home quarantine. On June 15, the autonomy began the first stage of lifting restrictions on coronavirus infection. 

Coronavirus in the Transbaikal Territory 

In Transbaikalia, the number of cases of coronavirus has increased to 2. During the day, the diagnosis was confirmed in 263 people. The total number of people cured of the coronavirus has reached 89. 

The first eight patients were discharged from the military mobile hospital. Now 40 people remain there for treatment, 19 of them have been admitted in the last XNUMX hours. 

Coronavirus in the Kamchatka Territory

In Kamchatka, the coronavirus was confirmed in 40 people per day. The total number of cases in the region has increased to 1.

There are 463 patients in hospitals, 19 people remain in the intensive care unit. The first 30 patients with coronavirus infection were admitted to a hospital in the Yelizovsky district. The number of people recovered in Kamchatka increased to 495, 34 patients were discharged per day. 

The first medical worker to have a coronavirus died. According to the Deputy Minister of Health of Russia Yevgeny Kamkin, the situation with the spread of coronavirus in the region can be reversed in the coming days.

Coronavirus in the Magadan Region

In the Magadan region, the coronavirus was confirmed in eight people per day. The region now has 520 COVID-19 cases.

During the epidemic in Kolyma, 19 patients were cured of COVID-231, three died. In the village of Ola opened a new infectious diseases hospital. 

Coronavirus in the Sakhalin Region

In the Sakhalin Region, the number of coronavirus cases increased to 388 - the diagnosis was confirmed in another 20 people. 105 patients have recovered, 283 are undergoing treatment, there are no deaths from COVID-19 in the region.

In the village of Goryachie Klyuchi on Iturup Island, an emergency mode was introduced. Measures were taken due to the fact that there was revealed a coronavirus in a soldier. 

Coronavirus in the Primorsky Territory

In Primorye, COVID-19 was confirmed by another 88 people, now the total number of cases in the region is 3. A total of 065 patients with coronavirus have recovered.

The number of deaths from the coronavirus increased to 28. Two more people died in the region during the day - a 53-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man, whose disease was severe and complicated by bilateral pneumonia. One of the reasons for the increase in morbidity in the department of Rospotrebnadzor in the Primorsky Territory named visits to religious institutions.

Coronavirus in the Khabarovsk Territory

In the Khabarovsk Territory, the number of cases of coronavirus increased to 3. During the day, the diagnosis was confirmed in 153 people.

840 people are in inpatient treatment, 19 of them remain in serious condition, all are connected to artificial lung ventilation devices. An outbreak of coronavirus occurred in the central district hospital of the city of Vyazemsky. The institution was closed for a two-week quarantine.


Coronavirus in Yakutia

In the republic, 77 people were diagnosed with coronavirus per day, now 3 cases of COVID-199 have been confirmed in Yakutia. Another 19 people recovered, over the entire period of the epidemic, 122 patients were discharged. 

Three more patients with confirmed coronavirus died - all in the capital of the republic. The number of deaths from COVID-19 has increased to 23.

In serious condition remains 21 people. According to the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, one of the best indicators for the number of patients discharged is noted. 

Coronavirus in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

In the region, the total number of cases is still 129 people, 77 patients have recovered. During the entire pandemic in the region, one patient with COVID-19 has died.

The district decided to extend the restrictions until June 15. Authorities have adopted a phased lifting plan. 

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