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Albert Avdolyan's company acquired Sibanthracite from Alltek

Albert Avdolyan's company acquired Sibanthracite from Alltek

Siban Holding, owned by the owner of A-Property Albert Avdolyan and ex-general director of the Sibanthracite group, Maxim Barsky, acquired 100% of Sibanthracite shares. The deal was valued at $ XNUMX billion.

As the RBC, the terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The deal was concluded a year and a half after the death of Dmitry Bosov, who owned 86,5% of the Alltek group, which controlled Sibanthracite.

The new board of directors of the company includes Albert Avdolyan, CEO of A-Property Irina Belyanova, CEO of ElgaUgol Management Company Alexander Isaev and CEO of Globaltek Rodion Sokrovischuk. The seats on the board of directors were retained by Maxim Barsky, Igor Makarov and Dmitry Aga, who was re-elected as chairman of the board of directors.

As previously reported by IAA EastRussia, in February the Alltek company signed with A-Property basic terms agreement Sibanthracite sale transactions, according to which the company will retain its independence as an independent structure. Long-term contracts will be signed with top managers of Sibanthracite, including their participation in the share capital of the company. Later, the widow of Dmitry Bosov Katerina challenged the deal for the sale of "Sibanthracite". She claimed that she did not consent to this deal.

In the summer of 2019, it became known about the plans of Albert Avdolyan and his partner Sergey Adonyev to create an industrial cluster in the Far East, which was to include the Yakutsk Fuel and Energy Company, the Elginskoye field in Yakutia, as well as the Vera coal port in the Primorsky Territory and the Ogodzhinsky project - development coal deposit in the Amur region. But Sibanthracite was not on the list of those assets.

Avdolyan bought YATEK's debts and gained control over the company in September 2019, and in early December 2020 consolidated 100% of Elga, the largest coking coal deposit in Russia. Already in the summer, A-Property began to export Elga coal through the port of Vera. In October, the Elgaugol company took under control the port of Vera and the Ogodzhinsky coal company. The company should become a partner of Rostec, entering the capital of these assets, but the deal has not yet been closed. Earlier, Rostec announced plans for A-Property to consolidate 75% each of these assets.

Sibanthracite is the world leader in the extraction and export of anthracite and the largest producer of metallurgical coal in Russia. In 2020, the company's production fell by 26%, in the first half of 2021, production increased by 22%.

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