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Otkritie Bank customers will retain tax benefits for 2021

Otkritie Bank customers will retain tax benefits for 2021
Otkritie Bank offers several products that will not be taxed on deposits. Benefits in 2021, with the introduction of the so-called deposit tax, will be available for several programs at once.

According to the press service of the bank, customers of the Otkritie Investitsiya factory will be able to maintain tax breaks and not pay tax on interest on deposits. The amendments, which will come into force in 2021, do not affect investments in mutual investment funds, including closed-end mutual investment funds and mutual investment trusts. Not received under the new tax and received dividends on shares and coupon payments on bonds. Only the income from the sale of units will be taxed, while the taxable base will be the difference between the sale price and the purchase price of the unit.

Bank customers can benefit from several tax deductions. If there are shares in an open-ended mutual fund and a BPIF for more than three years, then the tax on income from the sale will not be levied within three million rubles for each year of ownership. Thus, the shareholder will have to pay tax only if his investment profit exceeds nine million rubles in three years. In addition, bank clients who exchange units of one fund for units of another within three years retain the benefits of the previous regime.

You can also compensate for taxes through the purchase of bonds on an individual investment account in the "Opening Broker" (IIA). The tax on the coupon will be covered by a refund of 13% of the amount deposited to the account. So far, no more than one million rubles can be paid annually, and a deduction for contributions will be provided based on 400 thousand rubles, that is, the maximum amount of the deduction will be 52 thousand rubles per year.

Another way to exempt securities income from tax is to invest for a period of three years in securities through Otkritie Broker. The size of the deduction will be determined based on the number of full years of ownership of securities multiplied by three million rubles. Thus, up to nine million rubles can be exempted from tax as much as possible in three years of ownership, up to 12 million rubles in four years, and so on.

According to Alexey Kurtov, Deputy General Director for Relations with Banking Channels Otkritie Investments, after the amendments to the tax code come into force, bond rates will be higher on average than deposits with banks with the same level of credit risk. Thanks to this, the expert expects an influx of funds through such investment channels.

The line of financial decisions of the Otkritie Investment factory includes products for all groups of investors: mutual investment funds, trust management strategies from Otkritie Asset Management, the opportunity to take advantage of the ideas of the Otkritie Broker analytical team and invest on your own. In addition, in the strategies of IIS “Saving” and IIS “Stable”, more than 90% of assets are OFZ bonds, the reliability of which is guaranteed by the state.
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