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Chinese Huawei and Megafon have agreed on cooperation in the field of creating communication networks of the 5G standard and their implementation in the territory of the Russian Federation

The Chinese company Huawei and Megafon agreed to cooperate in the creation of 5G communication networks and their prompt implementation in Russia. This follows from the official announcement of the companies.

As part of the cooperation, Megafon, according to its own statement, will be the first among other Russian operators to participate in the development of the 5G communication standard and to influence its technological features to adapt to the realities of the Russian telecommunications market, frequency range and landscape conditions. In turn, Huawei will test the equipment of the new standard in the networks of Megafon.

The 5G network will be tested in Russia ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. “Russia will be among the first countries to introduce the latest generation of mobile communications,” said Mikhail Dubin, Megafon's executive director for mass market business development.

"The main task for networks of the fifth generation will be to expand the range of frequencies used and increase the capacity of networks. It is expected that the new technology will solve the task, which all operators in the world are working on, will increase the efficiency of the network infrastructure, "Huawei said.

"With the advent of high-speed mobile Internet and the popularity of available devices, the volume of Internet traffic has sharply increased," the company continued. - 5G technology due to higher capacity will reduce the load and delays that occur during signal transmission. Subscribers will be able to experience the standard mobile Internet speeds, for example, viewing the video from the first fraction of a second, without waiting for the file to be downloaded. "

"Megafon" expects to launch a pilot network 5G on the eve of the World Cup in 2018

The development of 5G technologies is still in the active phase. But already now, most experts agree on some aspects of the work of a new generation of communication networks.

It is assumed that 5G networks will be "device-oriented", and not "cell-oriented". That is, the subscriber unit will connect not only with the base station, but also with the same "neighboring" gadgets.

"We believe that the architecture, consisting of cells, will be replaced by an architecture consisting of devices," - said earlier Bell Labs engineer Federico Boccardi (Federico Boccardi), one of the authors of a joint work on the new principles of the functioning of fifth-generation networks. In turn, the vice president of Bell Labs on the development of wireless technologies, Theodore Sizer (Theodore Sizer) believes that the networks of 5G will be a "zoo device." Smartphones and tablets will not disappear. But, in addition to them, CCTV cameras, weather sensors, smart grid sensors, smart homes, cars and many other new devices will appear on the network.

As for the speed of mobile data transmission, in theory the maximum value in 5G networks will be 10 Gbit / s.

Megafon and Huawei are already partners. Earlier this year Megafon launched LTE-Advanced commercial network with mobile Internet speed up to 300 Mbit / s using network infrastructure and user equipment produced by Huawei.

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