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China helps Russia in word and deed to support the liquidity of the national currency

Qin Gang, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, believes that today's economic difficulties in Russia are only temporary. Russia has sufficient potential - "rich in natural resources, a solid industrial base" - financial strength - "among the G20 countries, Russia has a relatively low public debt-to-GDP ratio" - and political will - "the Russian government is taking measures to stabilize the situation" to overcome these temporary difficulties - confirmed the official representative of the PRC Foreign Ministry.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry expresses firm confidence in the prospects for bilateral trade, economic and energy cooperation, even against the backdrop of the instability of the ruble. Mr. Qin Gang emphasizes that the governments and companies of the two countries "look with great enthusiasm for bilateral cooperation."

"In short, we are very confident in the prospects for Russian-Chinese cooperation."- said the official representative of the PRC Foreign Ministry.

At the same time, China is ready to help not only with words, but also with deeds. As it became known earlier from the Chinese edition of The South China Morning Post, the chief economist of the Chinese Bank of Communications Lian Ping confirms the possibility of export settlements between Russia and China in rubles and yuans: "Russia needs support for the liquidity of its currency, and a swap line can be an ideal tool for this".

President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a traditional press conference yesterday, in turn confirmed that relations between Russia and China have great development prospects: "China in the country dimension is our largest trade and economic partner, we will have a turnover of under $ 90 billion this year, and it is growing, despite all the difficulties in the global economy, and will continue to grow, I have no doubt about that.".

The head of state also noted the immediate tasks facing the partners: “Our main task is to diversify our trade and economic ties. And in this regard, we are moving, and moving positively, I mean that we are paying more and more attention to the issues of changing the structure of our trade through the high-tech part. We are building, as you know, nuclear power plants and will continue to do so if China is interested in this. We are working together in space, in aircraft engineering and in aircraft manufacturing, in the creation of new heavy-class helicopters, we are working in a number of other promising new directions ”.

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