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Khabarovsk deputies changed their minds to leave the Liberal Democratic Party

Khabarovsk deputies changed their minds to leave the Liberal Democratic Party
Photo: Alexander Kayan / Telegram-channel "Evil Far East"

In Khabarovsk, 17 City Duma deputies, who this week wrote a statement about leaving the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, changed their mind about doing so. The chairman of the City Duma Mikhail Sidorov did the same.

“We had misunderstandings with the regional branch of the party, which aggravated the situation and relations in terms of making independent decisions by the municipal parliament. Unfortunately, a number of questions came down from above, we didn't like it. We have repeatedly asked to change the situation, but we did not always hear us. Conversations did not lead to anything and we decided that we would work without a party - on our own. So they wanted to reach out to people so that they would accept our position, "Mikhail Sidorov told EastRussia.

According to him, it was a huge mistake that the party dirty linen was taken out of public, and the video about the decision to quit the party got on the Internet. The situation caused a wide response. After meeting with the coordinator of the party's registrar, acting governor Mikhail Degtyarev, the deputies revised their position and decided not to leave the ranks of the Liberal Democratic Party.

“We were heard. We want to remain independent, to be a body where decisions are made not individually by someone, but collectively. I know that many now condemn me, I am ready to answer for each of my actions and explain everything in a well-reasoned manner, ”said the chairman of the City Duma.

The deputies also explained their decision not to leave the party by the fact that they were approached by the sister of Sergei Furgal, the ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party's registrar, after whom many joined this party. She asked not to leave the Liberal Democratic Party, so that this does not affect the protection of the former head of the region.

“Yes, there was a call, and this was another reason to stay in the party,” noted Mikhail Sidorov.

Immediately 17 deputies of the Khabarovsk City Duma decided to leave the ranks of the LDPR and on November 23 applied to leave the party... According to them, dissatisfaction with the party's policies has been accumulating for a long time. 

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