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From Vietnam, about 3 thousand Chinese citizens were evacuated

To date, about 3 have been evacuated from Vietnam to thousands of Chinese citizens, including 16 people who were seriously injured as a result of the pogroms.

According to the latest data, at least two Chinese workers were killed and dozens injured as a result of the riots.

The upsurge of anti-China sentiment in Vietnam occurred after the escalation of the conflict between Beijing and Hanoi regarding the controversial Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, which the PRC considers to be its territory, but Vietnam claims its rights to Ahripelag.

On May 7, Chinese ships attempted to install a drilling platform for oil production in the area of ​​the islands. This was prevented by the ships of the Navy of Vietnam. No weapons were used during the conflict, several clashes took place, Chinese sailors used water cannons against the Vietnamese. As a result, at least seven citizens of Vietnam suffered.

The Chinese authorities blamed these events on Hanoi, which, in turn, stated that the PRC concentrated around the archipelago around 80 ships, among which there are military.

Events in the South China Sea caused anti-Chinese demonstrations in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and several other cities in Vietnam, in which a large number of Chinese citizens live and work. The demonstrations soon grew into riots, the participants of which attacked the Chinese, and also smashed the offices of Chinese companies.

Such a flash of nationalism in Vietnam is not remembered since the end of the war with America. According to Vietnamese media reports, attacks on factories and other enterprises belonging, according to pogrom-mongers, to the Chinese, in the southern province of Bin Dong, involved up to 20 thousand people.

Beijing has already said that the Vietnamese authorities are not taking proper measures to quell unrest.

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