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The historical record for fish processing was set at the Dobroflot Group of Companies

The historical record for fish processing was set at the Dobroflot Group of Companies
Photo: Press Service of the Dobroflot Group of Companies

The flagship of the Dobroflot group of companies, the Vsevolod Sibirtsev floating plant, processed 64,6 thousand tons of fish at sea. This fishing expedition was the sixth for the vessel.

According to the company's press service, the ship docked in Nakhodka on April 17. It has been on the voyage for ten months since June 2020. During this time, the fishermen have covered more than 18 thousand nautical miles in the South Kuril zone and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk with 70 crew members.

During this time, the vessel lifted on board and processed 64,6 thousand tons of raw material. Among the types of products, there are about 22 thousand tons of frozen fish, 54,8 million cans of canned food and two million cans of fresh fish preserves. The vessel also produced 4,7 thousand tons of fishmeal and 110 tons of fish oil.

The current processing volume is a record not only for the Dobroflot Group of Companies, but also for domestic floating bases. All crew members received letters of thanks, commemorative signs and awards. According to Alexander Efremov, manager of the Dobroflot Group of Companies, even in Soviet times, when there were no catch limits, such processing volumes at floating bases could not be achieved.

It is symbolic that on the day of the return of the vessel on April 17, Sergey Antonov, the author of the revival of the Ivasi sardine fishery, turned 67 years old. From the beginning of the 90s to 2016, the shoals of Iwashi went into the world ocean, and for 25 years the fishing of this fish was almost forgotten. But the head of the industrial equipment and rigging department of the Dobroflot Group of Companies Sergey Antonov found old drawings, calculated the parameters and requirements for modern materials from scratch and with his own hands tied the first canvases, harnesses, leashes and ropes into complex systems of purse seines. For three years Sergey Antonov went out to sea and taught fishermen the skills of catching ivasi with a purse seine. For this, in 2019, he received the highest distinction - the Order of the Hero of Labor of Russia.

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