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The Federal Law on Fisheries is to be made "working"

Rosrybolovstvo and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation have developed a draft law providing for the settlement of issues related to the resumption of industrial or coastal fishing in relation to the types of aquatic biological resources, for the extraction of which a ban or closure of a zone (subzone) was introduced after the entry into force of the Federal Law No. 20-FZ of December 2004, 166 fishing and conservation of aquatic biological resources ”.

According to the bill, if fishing restrictions in certain areas and for certain types of aquatic bioresources were established before 2008 year, then after the removal of such restrictions, the agreement on fixing the quota of catch (catch) of aquatic bioresources of fishery is concluded based on the results of the auction.

In cases where legal entities or individual entrepreneurs expire the contracts on fixing quotas for catch (harvesting) of aquatic biological resources in respect of which fishing restrictions are established, they have the right to conclude agreements on assigning shares to a new one for a period of ten years.

As EastRussia explained in the press service of the Federal Agency for Fishery, we are talking about a local case of fixing shares of quotas on resources that were subject to a ban. The complex draft of amendments to the Federal Law No. 166 is in the stage of active intra-industry discussion. Now the main task of the entire industry is to make the bill work. A working group has been set up at the Ministry of Agriculture to consider the draft law, and regional representatives are actively involved.

In the working version of the bill, it is expected to increase the timeframe for fixing quota shares from 10 to 25 years. Such a measure will expand the planning horizon for fish farmers. The increase in the quota fixing period is aimed at stimulating the construction of a new Russian fishing fleet.

The package of amendments will include a number of other norms aimed at increasing the efficiency of development of aquatic biological resources. Thus, from 50% to 70%, the quota acceptance threshold may be increased. If now the quota user can only absorb half of the volume for its preservation, the draft amendments to the law presuppose the termination of the right to extract aquatic biological resources in case the user develops less than 70% for two consecutive years, EastRussia was told in the department. This will increase the total catch of aquatic biological resources. In this case, it is planned to envisage exceptions in this norm, that is, natural circumstances that interfere with the development of quotas (storms, ice), or the time limits imposed on the catch of a given water bioresource, will be taken into account.

Another proposal involves the introduction of a requirement for the development of at least 70% of the received quota on their own fishing vessels or on vessels acquired under a lease agreement. To ensure the work of fishing holdings, it is possible to operate vessels within one group of persons. This measure is supposed to solve the problem of the so-called “quota rentiers”.

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