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Experts called the most useful little things for home

Experts called the most useful little things for home

Kitchen accessories from the Fissman brand can significantly speed up and simplify the process of preparing any dishes - both simple and most complex. HereYou can buy everything you need in the kitchen, from funnels to high-tech gadgets.

Bottle caps: Cute reusable corks help keep drinks fresh and tasty as long as possible. "Native" corks are often lost, or simply not originally intended for reuse after opening the bottle. Fissman's special reusable corks are much more practical and hygienic. Products are easy to wash, maintaining their functionality and pristine appearance for as long as possible.

stemware: An indispensable item that is actively used on weekdays and holidays. A wide range of glasses from Fissman is suitable for different drinks: milkshakes, juice, alcohol, etc. “Correct” glasses for each drink are not essential items, but this is why elegant products are especially attractive. True esthetes will appreciate the good serving, which is impossible without the appropriate glasses.

Bottles for oil and vinegar: oil and vinegar are used in the cooking process very often, almost every day. It is worth choosing for them the most convenient and pleasant in operation containers so that the cooking process brings pleasure even in small things. “Native” packages of oil and vinegar are far from always pleasing to the eye, and also often have too much volume - it is inconvenient to use them.

Special bottles for oil and vinegar from Fissman are nice to pick up, these things look very stylish on a table or shelf (much nicer than containers with store labels). Bottles can be separate for oil and vinegar and combined. The 2-in-1 vinegar and oil containers are genuine engineering structures with separate vessels placed on top of each other and two necks. It turns out that oil and vinegar are in the same container, but you can use them separately. The bottle takes up a minimum of space and looks very interesting - it can even be used as an interior decor.

Electronic balance: Scales should be a must-have kitchen gadget if you are trying to eat properly and monitor your health.

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