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Expert: Port Posyat on the verge of ecological disaster

The degree of pollution of the port of Posiet is constantly growing, said in an interview with the chief researcher of the Pacific Oceanological Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor of the Far Eastern Federal University, Doctor of Biological Sciences Vladimir Rakov. According to him, “there is no need to talk about the entire Far East in the context of an ecological catastrophe, because there is both Kamchatka and Chukotka, whose waters are almost not exposed to technogenic influences”.

“But there are some places in the Far Eastern Federal District where an environmental disaster is possible - these are developed industrial territories: southern Primorye or northeastern Sakhalin, where oil is being extracted on the shelf. Everyone forgets that this area is extremely earthquake-prone, which is proved by the tragedy of Neftegorsk, the expert said. - The oil film after the release of thousands of cubic meters of oil is an ecological disaster, because birds, fish, bottom dwellers, mammals die en masse. Such a disaster is possible in the region of northeastern Sakhalin. The entire Sea of ​​Okhotsk is connected with oil and gas production, so the ecological crisis here is only a matter of time. "

V.Rakov stressed that "the degree of pollution has only grown over the years".

“Now, in the area of ​​the port of Posyet, up to 60% in some soil samples is pure coal, which was washed away from the moorings. Coal is the 3-4 hazard classes. Coal beaches appeared in Primorye, on Sakhalin, and so - everywhere, where its mining and transshipment takes place. Plus, oil products, falling on the surface of the water, eventually concentrate around small objects - dead crustaceans, fish larvae - and settle to the bottom. And at the bottom of their "collected", for example, trepangs, who do not understand what falls into their mouths. When they get drunk, they either die or they have various kinds of deformities, ”he said. In an interview.

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