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E.Borisov has suggested to develop the concept of creation of helium branch

Speaking on April 25, before the participants in the meeting of the Government Commission in Khabarovsk, dedicated to the socio-economic development of the Far East, the acting Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Yegor Borisov proposed to develop a scientifically grounded Concept for the creation of the helium industry in Russia - reports YSIA.

He emphasized that the following circumstance gives particular urgency to this problem. The largest project is the second stage of the Eastern Gas Program of Gazprom, which includes the development of the unique Chayandinskoye oil and gas condensate field and the construction of the Power of Siberia gas trunkline. The uniqueness of the Chandinsky gas lies, among other things, in the high content of the valuable chemical element helium. However, this inert gas is not yet widely used in modern Russia. And this at a time when the worldwide demand for helium and its consumption is steadily growing.

In case of concluding a long-term agreement on gas supplies to China, the partners from the Middle Kingdom will necessarily require the fulfillment of contractual obligations as soon as possible, literally within five to six years. And of course, it is unlikely that it would be wise to give anyone a valuable product in demand on world markets for free.

Yegor Borisov is sure that the development of the Concept for the creation of the helium industry in Russia would make it possible to make the most balanced decision with respect to the reserves of Chaanda gas. Helium can be separated right at the extraction site, and then either pumped it into underground storage facilities, or back into the gas-bearing formation.

A third option is also possible - the creation of helium production in the immediate vicinity of the mining site, in one of the districts of Yakutia. Placing a helium recovery plant on the territory of the republic would have made it possible to avoid losses of this valuable gas during transportation, including for export to China.

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