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Doctor Myasnikov answered frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccination

Doctor Myasnikov answered frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccination
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Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov answered seven of the most controversial questions about the coronavirus vaccine. He explained the difference between vaccines, talked about contraindications and timing of vaccination for those who have had coronavirus.

As the doctor said in his Telegram channel, there are now two types of vaccines available in Russia. One of them is suitable for allergy sufferers and people with chronic diseases, while the other provides longer protection. Therefore, it is difficult to decide on your own which vaccine is right for you - you definitely need a doctor's consultation. But there is no talk at all about the release abroad, so it is very premature to say that Russian vaccines will not be allowed into other countries.

At the same time, he stressed that patients with cancer and other chronic diseases that are at risk must be vaccinated. There is no evidence that the vaccine may be dangerous for these patients. True, there are suggestions that the immune response may be weaker.

If a person is ill, Alexander Myasnikov believes, then it is necessary to vaccinate no earlier than in the fall. At the same time, immunity can persist for a longer period, or it can drop quite quickly. So you shouldn't pay much attention to the number of antibodies after vaccination: cells that have already encountered the virus will start producing antibodies again when they encounter COVID-19.

He also added that existing vaccines cover, including new mutations of the coronavirus. To create persistent herd immunity, it is necessary to vaccinate about 70-90% of the population. However, according to Myasnikov, even 30-40% of the vaccinated population will be enough to significantly reduce the incidence. At the same time, according to his forecasts, in 2021, even despite vaccination, in Russia new outbreaks of the disease. 

Formerly a physician criticized the treatment regimen used by many doctors coronavirus, when drugs not recommended by the Ministry of Health are prescribed. Also according to him at home treatment of the disease is often overkill


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