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Far Easterners were more satisfied with their income than other Russians

Far Easterners were more satisfied with their income than other Russians

Otkritie Bank conducted a study on whether Russians are satisfied with their income. As noted by half of the respondents, they get money with great difficulty. And 1% of Russians are not interested in money at all, they do not want to have more than 3% of Russians. More than one thousand Russians aged 18 and over took part in the survey.

According to the press service of Otkritie Bank, 25% of those surveyed said they could make money. Most of these craftsmen were in the Far East (30%), the least in the Central Federal District (22%). At the same time, 49% of Russians give money with great difficulty. Here, the Far East is also among the leaders (54%), while in the North Caucasus only 38% give a low rating to their financial abilities.

A quarter of Russians (25%) admitted that they do not know how to earn money, but would like to learn. Money is not at all interested in 1% of Russians in general and 3% of residents of Moscow and the Moscow region. 

Enough earned 51% of Russians. At the same time, 40% of them are enough because of the ability to save money, and only 11% - because they earn enough. The highest share of those who, according to their own estimates, earn enough - in the Far East and Moscow (16% each).

49% of Russians lack funds. At the same time, 36% cited small earnings as the reason for the shortage. At the same time, the share of such answers turned out to be one of the lowest in the Far East - 30% answered this way. Another 13% of Russians, the reason for the shortage of money is the inability to save.

Only 3% of respondents named their current income as ideal. Most of those who are absolutely satisfied with their income are in Moscow and the Moscow region (8%), there are no such people in the North Caucasus.

2% of respondents would like to increase their income by 3-61 times. Another 20% expressed their desire to earn 5-7 times more, and 16% - 10-20 times more than they earn now.

Russians rated their ability to spend much higher than their ability to make money. 60% of those surveyed said they spend their money wisely and efficiently. They do not know how to spend, but 16% of respondents are always enough for them. 14% of Russians can spend on a grand scale. Another 11% said that they do not know how to spend and prefer to save, and this indicator is also about the same throughout Russia.

At the same time, 50% of Russians said they would like to be able to spend more than they do now. 21% of respondents consider their current expenses to be ideal. About 24% would like to spend 2-3 times less than now, 4% - 5-7 times less and another 1% - 10-20 times less than their current expenses.


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