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The Far East will need 4 GW of new capacity up to 2025 year

Until 2025, the Far East will need 4 GW of new capacity. Alexey Kaplun, Deputy General Director for Strategy and Investments of RAO Energy Systems of the East, spoke about this at the investment forum "Far East -2014" in the capital of the Kamchatka Territory.

The long-term development program of RAO ES of the East, designed to renew the capacity park in the region, has been developed by the holding and includes a number of facilities, the construction of which is planned until 2025. This includes projects implemented jointly with RusHydro - construction projects of the 1st stage of the Yakutskaya TPP-2 and Sakhalin TPP-2, the TPP in Sovetskaya Gavan, the 2nd phase of the Blagoveshchensk TPP, as well as those included in the investment program of the mini-GTU-TPP holding in Vladivostok and Artem (Primorsky Krai), CHP in Bilibino (Chukotka Autonomous District), Vostochnaya CHP (Vladivostok). The main part of the commissioning - about 2,6 GW - will be used to replace the retired capacities. And only 1,4 GW of new capacities will be used to cover prospective demand. In addition, the Far Eastern energy holding plans to hold a number of activities in distribution and heating networks.

Alexei Kaplun noted that in order to attract funding to the Far Eastern energy sector, conditions will be needed under which a return to these projects will be secured. He recalled the need for long-term tariff fixation with the established indexation rate, as well as other long-term regulation measures. In addition, to create a proper financial flow, it is necessary to significantly increase the payment discipline of Far Eastern consumers.

According to specialists, the implementation of future development plans will allow the FEFD to increase the domestic regional product by 2025 billion rubles per year (71 trillion rubles for the period from 1,2 to 2014 a year), 2025 billion rubles (75,8 -2014 yy), an increase in the number of jobs by an average of 2025 thousand per year.

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