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Chukotka will allocate almost 200 million rubles in support of custodial and foster families in 2014 year

Since the beginning of this year, the Department of Social Policy of the Chukotka Autonomous Region has sent 101 a million rubles to support guardians and foster families in the region. According to the head of the guardianship and trusteeship department of the Department of Nikita Podgorbunsky, funds in the form of social benefits were distributed in four areas.

-70 million rubles was spent on the maintenance of children in foster and foster families, 24 million - to remunerate foster parents, 5 million - to pay for the travel of children under guardianship and foster families, another 2 million were spent on the payment of a one-time allowance for the placement of a child to the family, - Nikita Podgorbunskikh informed.

As the governor of Chukotka Roman Kopin emphasized, in 2014 only 192 million rubles are provided for support of guardianship and foster families in the district budget. The remaining funds will be spent before the end of the year.

-Family is the basis of any state, and a strong family is the basis of a stable state. Thanks to the current policy priorities of the Government of Chukotka, one of which is social support for families and motherhood, conditions have been created in the region for residents to be motivated to prioritize this important formula of life, the governor emphasized.

According to the Department of Social Policy, the region has a tendency to increase the number of foster and foster families. Today, 114 foster children are being brought up in 264 families, 276 children in 357 foster families.

Within the framework of this direction, the following support is provided in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug: allowances are paid for the maintenance of each child under 18 years of age, as well as lump-sum payments are made - when placing a child in a family and when adopting. In addition, the costs of travel to the place of recreation and back are reimbursed for children under guardianship and foster parents who are non-working pensioners.

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