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The budget of Kamchatka increased by a billion rubles

The budget of the Kamchatka Territory in 2014 was increased by one billion rubles. The corresponding amendments to the law "On the regional budget for 2014 and the planning period of 2015 and 2016" were approved by the deputies at the session of the Legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka Territory. Compared to last year, the regional budget in 2014 increased by 5 billion rubles, the press service of the Kamchatka Territory reports.

“Today the budget is almost equal to 59 billion rubles. We never had such a budget. This means that we are developing, growing ”, - the press service of the governor of Kamchatka Krai Vladimir Ilyukhin quotes.

According to him, a significant part of the funds, about 300 million rubles, went to the budget for targeted federal programs. The order of 120 million will be directed to the development of agriculture. These are the means that will go to subsidies and support of farms. Almost 170 million rubles in addition to the Kamchatka budget came from the Foundation for Housing Reform. Still about 130 million rubles for this program is directed from the regional budget as co-financing.

“Large volumes came through the Housing and Utilities Reform Fund to solve the problem with the emergency fund. The main work will be deployed in the Ust-Kamchatka region. There about 8 thousand square meters of emergency housing. This year, the construction of three multi-storey houses will begin in Ust-Kamchatsk, the construction of two low-rise houses in Kozyrevsk and the house in Klyuchi will be completed, ”the head of the region shared. He added that two more low-rise houses in Kozyrevsk will be completed in the 2015 year.

According to the press service, the amendments to the regional budget also provide for additional financial assistance to municipalities. In Karaginsky, Sobolevsky, Elizovsky and Aleut districts will be directed almost 60 million rubles to ensure the balance of the district budgets, to projects in the field of education and housing policy. For the first time in the budget of Kamchatka there are funds for subsidizing sea passenger and cargo traffic in the province.

“The new cargo-passenger vessel Vasily Zavoyko, which has recently arrived in Kamchatka, will start cruising along the western and eastern coasts of the region already in summer. By analogy with subsidizing air travel for residents of the region, we have provided funds to subsidize the cost of tickets and baggage for passengers of the vessel, as well as for the delivery of goods. In total, 2014 million rubles will be allocated to subsidize sea passenger and freight traffic in 42, ”V.Ilukhin noted. He said that at present the Government of the Kamchatka Territory is considering the issue of introducing additional subsidies for flights within the peninsula for tourists coming to Kamchatka. Now only residents of the peninsula have the right to preferential air tickets in domestic directions in the region.

“During a meeting with tour operators of the region, the leaders of travel companies raised the question of the possible subsidization of travel for tourists who come to travel around Kamchatka. We cannot ignore this problem, but we must calculate it. We will look for an opportunity that during the tourist season for some part of the visiting tourists, such subsidies for flights across the peninsula will be organized so that people travel more actively to Kamchatka. Moreover, the tour operators of the region have been given the task to almost double the tourist flow in the region by 2016, having increased it to 100 thousand people, ”V.Iluhin said.

Additional funds as part of amendments to the regional budget are also foreseen for the development of the education system: Kamchatka received an additional 160 million rubles of federal funds for the construction of kindergartens. Now the region is completing the construction of two new kindergartens: on Vitaly Kruchyny Street in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and in Vilyuchinsk. In addition, two more preschool institutions are being designed in the regional capital (on Far East and Savchenko streets), as well as kindergartens in the districts of the region (Ossore, Kovran, Klyuch). In the village of Kamensky planned construction of an educational complex "school-kindergarten." 

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