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More than 33 million rubles will be spent on catching stray dogs in Buryatia

More than 33 million rubles will be spent on catching stray dogs in Buryatia

An auction for the capture and sterilization of stray dogs has been announced in Ulan-Ude. They want to spend more than 33 million rubles for these purposes.

As the news agency writes “Baikal Daily", After several resonant attacks by stray dogs and activating dog hunters in the republic promised to resolve the issue of stray animals. For the 33,6 million rubles indicated in the draft state contract, the regional authorities will catch, bring them to shelters, and keep stray dogs. In addition, the list of works also includes the examination of veterinarians, if necessary - the organization of assistance, quarantine measures, vaccination. All dogs will also be spayed and labeled with permanent tags. The project even has a separate clause on finding owners for found animals.

A total of 4 798 dogs are planned to be used for these funds. Shelters are kept for 17 days. After that, they will be released to their former habitats. After an application from residents, messages on social networks, dogs must be caught in no more than ten days. To control the humanity of the capture, they plan to monitor it using video recordings, which the catchers must provide to the customer of the work. It is curious that earlier the authorities of Buryatia wanted to legalize the right to euthanize aggressive dogs.

When catching, it is prohibited to take dogs from apartments without a court order, from a leash near shops and other public buildings. Also, you cannot abuse animals, appropriate them or sell them. Information about the possible owners of the animal should be published no later than three days after the capture.

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