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More than 128 kilometers of the road Kolyma-Anadyr will be built by 2018 year

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation in Novosibirsk on the topic of improving roads for the purpose of integrated development and development of the country's territories. As Vladimir Putin stressed, issues are eternal for Russia, but the growth of the economy, the competitiveness of the business, the integrated development of the regions and the successful implementation of almost all the tasks set directly depend on their solution.

- There are obvious achievements, but the road industry is still a difficult and problematic issue. And the task is to make it forward-looking, innovative, breakthrough. For the industry to serve as one of the powerful locomotives for the development of the economy of the entire country, much still needs to be done. Federal, regional, municipal, rural roads should be built in a unified logic so that the transport infrastructure is rational and convenient, reliably connects the entire vast territory of Russia, our cities, towns, with a common transport framework, '' the head of state said.

The President recalled that in his Address to the Federal Assembly in 2012, he set the task of doubling the volume of road construction and reconstruction in the coming decade. As the governor of Chukotka, Roman Kopin, noted, the national goal is extremely important for Chukotka. The length of roads in the district that do not meet regulatory requirements is extremely high.

- The main feature of the region's road network is the low development rate of paved roads. Annually, from mid-January to mid-April, up to 13 auto winter roads of regional and local importance are opened in Chukotka, the length of which is 60% of the total length of the district's highways. Their operation is an extremely costly measure both at the construction and maintenance stage, but these are necessary measures, since they connect the settlements of Chukotka, - said Roman Kopin.

Currently, in Chukotka, within the framework of the subprogram "Improvement and development of the road network" of the state program "Development of the transport infrastructure of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug for 2014-2018", reconstruction and overhaul of regional roads with a total length of 22,5 km is being carried out. According to Governor Roman Kopin, the same subprogram for 2015–2018, on terms of co-financing with the Mayskoye gold mining company, provides for measures to develop design documentation for the reconstruction of 14 bridge crossings on the Bilibino - Komsomolsky - Pevek highway from Komsomolskoye to Pevek.

- In 2011, - continued the Governor, - as part of the implementation of the federal target program "Economic and social development of the Far East and Transbaikalia for the period up to 2013", the construction of the Kolyma - Omsukchan - Omolon - Anadyr highway began, which will unite three regions of the Far East - Chukotka , Magadan region and Yakutia.

The total length of the highway on the territory of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Roman Kopin recalled, will be more than 1 km. In 800, the first 2013 km section of the road was put into operation. Construction in 30,2-2014 continues within the framework of the federal target program "Economic and social development of the Far East and the Baikal region for the period up to 2017". This year, a 2018 km section was commissioned. According to the plan, by 23,2 it is planned to build another 2018 km of the road and a bridge over the Ilirneiwei River. Thus, by 74,9, the total length of the finished section of the route should be 2018 km.

According to the information of Chukotavtodor, to date, the project documentation for the construction of 5 large bridges has been prepared. If there is additional funding, you can start implementing projects already in 2015 year.

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