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Alexander Vinnikov: authorities and society need to rally for difficult tasks

These days, the Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region Alexander Vinnikov is taking part in the seminar “Contemporary Economic and Political Agenda. Best Regional Practices ”, held in the village of Anosino near Moscow. The event was organized by the Presidential Administration on the basis of the Corporate University of Sberbank of Russia. It is attended by about 280 leaders from the regions: heads of constituent entities of the Federation, chairmen of legislative assemblies, mayors of large cities.

President Vladimir Putin addressed the regional leaders. The head of state focused on the economic situation in the country, the role of the regions in ensuring sustainable development of the economy and social stability on the ground, as well as the historic mission of Russia in the year of the 70 anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War.

Alexander Vinnikov, reacting to the President's speeches, said: "In the address to us the head of state said that today we are obliged to act as a team that can solve all the tasks assigned to it, justify the hopes of people."

As for the implementation of anti-crisis measures in the region, the head of the region explained EastRussia: "I must say that the region of internal reserves is not very much, but they should be used in full. In our region, we are completing the development of a plan that includes measures to ensure the sustainable operation of the regional economy and the social sphere, they primarily concern business, production, and also intend to preserve all social obligations. There are specific proposals for amending federal legislation to facilitate some processes during this crisis time. ”

Speaking about the budget for this year and the next biennium, Alexander Vinnikov said that the region does not imply any new financial commitments. "But saving, optimization are effective processes that justify themselves at such a time, we will continue them as much as possible, reducing costs."

"I see the reserve in supporting the initiative of citizens, businesses, public organizations that are interested in improving the situation in the region, are ready to help develop their own production in the region, in solving social problems," explains the Governor of EastRussia. - Much attention is to be paid to the labor market, the support of labor resources. Another important point is the monitoring of the situation in the food market, essential goods. We will also monitor this and take timely measures to resolve it. If the situation worsens, respond in a timely manner».

According to Alexander Vinnikov, the President, speaking about the features of 2015 of the year - the anniversary year of the Great Victory - it was not by chance that he again paid attention to the special role of Russia. It is one of the few countries left in the world interested in the authenticity of the statement of the historical truth about the Great Patriotic War in conditions when this truth is deliberately distorted, alienating Russia from its victory. «We will do our best to make our worthy contribution to the celebration of the anniversary, "the head of the region confirmed. "Also in difficult economic and political conditions, as the President said, and again I repeat this, consolidation of all forces in our country, in the regions is necessary. The ability to do this we demonstrated last year during the historic events of the Olympic Games in Sochi and the accession of the Crimea. There are reasons to unite and now»- Alexander Vinnikov stressed.  

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