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Alexander Levintal: my main task is to increase the self-sufficiency of the Jewish Autonomous Region

Today, the acting governor of the region Alexander Levintal gave a great press conference for the regional and municipal media.

As EastRussia was told by the Government's press service, Alexander Levintal called the raising of the economic self-sufficiency of the territory, the quality of life, as the main task, so that people would like to gain a foothold in it, and not leave. According to him, today, during the crisis period, it is necessary to make the most of the objective competitive advantages of the region and neutralize the negative aspects, if any. You also need to understand how to raise the economy. "Therefore, now we need to outline a program of action, determine the directions of work, show possible mechanisms for solving problems, what we can get in the end, as well as take measures so that the current crisis situation in the country passes through the region with the least losses.", - said Alexander Levintal.

He also said that in his work he was always in close contact with the media: "In my opinion, the more clarity and transparency, information for the population, the easier it will be for the government to resolve issues, communicate ideas, plans to people and involve them in the implementation of these plans. Willing and persevering on the part of the media, so that we jointly understand the tasks, worked together on the situation that has developed in the field ".

Alexander Levintal stressed that the Jewish Autonomous Region is for him a native, here he was born and raised. And today I am ready to use the opportunities, knowledge and experience to solve the tasks facing it.

Further developing the topic of the economic situation in the region, Alexander Levintal noted that the compactness of the territory is today a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the regional economy, according to the head, is now experiencing hard times. As one of the directions of development of the region, the acting governor called agriculture, which earlier formed the basis of the economy of the subject of the federation. "We all remember the times when the Jewish Autonomous Region was the breadbasket of the Khabarovsk Territory and fed the neighboring region. Today, of course, the situation in the industry is depressing, including in animal husbandry, there are almost no effective large farms left here, only they can give employment, marketable produce, and also generate income»- said the acting governor. At the same time, according to Alexander Levinthal, there is now a sufficient amount of arable land in the region, but they are almost never used in terms of replenishing budget revenues. It is necessary to deeply understand this situation, and first of all, why the main resource of the region, its arable land, does not work for the region, and investors do not go where there is land. In this regard, he stressed, today it will be necessary to take a number of steps to involve land in circulation, although this task is very difficult. In general, in his opinion, the development of agriculture is one of the promising areas of raising the economy of the region, today we need to do this, look for new approaches at the municipal and regional levels to restructuring the very ideology of this work.

Alexander Levintal answered the question of media representatives about the unification of the EAO with one of the neighboring territories, which is regularly discussed in the press."Frankly, although scientists and politicize on this topic, there were no serious government assignments for its elaboration, no one seriously took up this matter. No one set me such a task when I was appointed to the post. But the task of socio-economic development, improving the quality of life in the Jewish Autonomous Region and, in this connection, the interaction of the region with the Khabarovsk Territory, Yakutia, the Amur Oblast and, possibly, foreign countries was clearly set. Therefore, I ask the topic of unification not to be raised any more. I repeat: my goal is to increase the self-sufficiency of the Jewish Autonomous Region ", - said Alexander Levintal.

He further described what mechanisms need to be set in motion to achieve this goal. He sees an increase in the revenue side of the budget through the development in the field of large industries, small and medium-sized businesses. He attaches great importance to the improvement of the administrative structure of the territory, high-quality selection of managerial personnel. According to the head, the reduction in the number of staff should be linked to the performance of its functions and the need to make "competent" decisions. The management team must be focused on working with new technologies, creativity and efficiency. As an already well-known example of management thought, Alexander Levintal named multifunctional centers for the provision of state and municipal services, which are increasingly gaining the trust of the population, saving the personal time of citizens to receive high-quality and free services, at the same time being an anti-corruption system, transferring the relationship between citizens and the state to a qualitatively new one. level.

At the end of the press conference, Alexander Levintal once again stressed that his primary task is the program of actions, which will determine the directions of work, mechanisms for solving problems, what will be needed in the end, and take anti-crisis measures so that the current situation least losses.

He considers it important that the population believe in the programs of power, because in order to move something from the place, it is necessary that people themselves want to do something on the ground. To this end, you need to rally and try to go through this difficult period.

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