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Alexander Khoroshavin visited the Southern Kuriles

The Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Alexander Khoroshavin, with a two-day working visit, visited the South Kurile City District. On the islands of Kunashir and Shikotan, the head of the region checked the progress of construction of a number of facilities within the Kuril program, as well as housing. In addition, the trip route included a visit to the southernmost island of the Lesser Kurile chain - Tanfilyev Island, reports IA SalhalinMedia with reference to the press service of the governor.

In particular, the governor checked the quality of the work carried out and carried out at the wind-diesel power station in the village of Golovnino; Mendeleev Geothermal Power Plant; House of Culture, construction sites of a residential house and kindergarten in Yuzhno-Kurilsk; water intake and wastewater treatment facilities of the village Malokurilskoe, as well as the school under construction (combined with a kindergarten); a hospital with a polyclinic, water intake and wastewater treatment plants in the village of Krabozavodsky; pier in the bay Krabovoy. The head of the region also visited the school and the House of Culture in Krabozavodsky, a temple in Yuzhno-Kurilsk, which was thoroughly repaired with regional funds, in whose territory the sports area and gym for young people were equipped, familiarized with the process of asphalting roads and improvement of settlements, held a working meeting with the deputies municipality.

Summing up a busy trip, Alexander Khoroshavin noted that in the area, basically all the activities of the federal Kuril program are carried out in a planned manner. In total, in recent years, about 10 billion rubles have been allocated to the development of the South Kuril urban district, which made it possible to implement eight program activities in Kunashir and seven in Shikotan.

The Mendeleevo airport and the mooring complex were commissioned in Kunashir. Heat supply of Yuzhno-Kurilsk from geothermal sources has been established. A kindergarten for 110 places was built in the regional center. Reconstruction of the Yuzhno-Kurilsk-Golovnino highway, water supply networks in the village of Golovnino, fuel and energy supply facilities is nearing completion.

On Shikotan, a helipad, the Malokurilskoye port station, a kindergarten for 70 children in Malokurilskoye, the Malokurilskoye-Krabozavodskoye motorway and fuel and energy supply facilities were commissioned.

This year, the construction of a hospital with a polyclinic in Krabozavodskoye (for 25 beds and 50 visits), a wind farm in Golovnino, water intakes and treatment facilities in the villages of Malokurilskoye and Krabozavodskoye is being completed in a planned manner.

At the same time, there are problems associated with the delay in carrying out work on individual sites. For example, Alexander Khoroshavin instructed to speed up the construction of a kindergarten at 110 places in Yuzhno-Kurilsk, to understand the reasons for the backlog of work from the schedule at this facility.

- In this situation it is necessary to understand the most careful way. This attitude to work is unacceptable. I want to warn all responsible persons, on which the execution of the program depends, - said the governor.

He added that this year it is planned to complete the bulk of works on the modernization of Mendeleevskaya GeoTES. In 2015, the reconstruction of water supply and sanitation facilities in Yuzhno-Kurilsk, the construction of a sports and recreational center on the island of Shikotan.

- But we are not stopping at this. Much remains to be done in the framework of the implementation of the new edition of the Kuril development program for the period 2016-2025, which is expected to be adopted soon. Of the total amount of its planned funds (about 60 billion rubles), about 30% is supposed to be directed to the development of the South Kuril urban district. It is planned to build a surge protection facility of the mooring complex on Kunashir. Lengthen the pier and strengthen the coast of the Malokurilskaya bay on Shikotan. Continue asphalting the road Yuzhno-Kurilsk-Golovnino. “To build objects of education, health care, culture, housing, engineering infrastructure and other vital facilities,” said Alexander Khoroshavin.

In general, he noted, the development of the city district is proceeding in a positive direction. And one of the most important results is the improvement of the demographic situation on the islands. Over the first half of this year, more than fifty children were born in the South Kurile City District.

- Let not a little, but this is more than last year. And in general, in comparison with 2013 year the population of the urban district increased by almost 6%. And it pleases. According to this indicator, the district occupies one of the leading places among all municipalities of the Sakhalin Oblast, "said the head of the region.

He added that the average wage in the district in January-May 2014 increased by almost 15%. This growth was mainly due to the implementation of the "May decrees" of the President of the Russian Federation in relation to public sector employees. But at the same time, the average salary in the district remains below the regional average. And this fact, according to Alexander Khoroshavin, should become the subject for the most thorough analysis by the local authorities. In addition, the head of the region drew the attention of the heads of the municipality to the relatively low rates of implementation of the regional development plan for the South Kuril district and measures of the targeted investment program in the region, instructing to correct the situation.

While on the island of Shikotan, the governor also outlined a number of tasks for local authorities and contractors, and aimed them for the timely delivery of facilities being built under the Kuril program. In addition, the head of the region instructed the construction companies (on average 106 thousand rubles per 1 sq. Meter) to check the fairness of the established price for housing on the island, to provide the medical and technical specialists to put into operation a hospital with a polyclinic in Krabozavodsky this year, to send a group for a school survey in Krabozavodsky with the aim of possible subsequent repair work here.

During his working trip to the South Kuril urban district, Alexander Khoroshavin visited Tanfiliev Island - the closest to Japan from the Kuril Islands.

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