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A.Galushka: at this stage, the 32 project has been selected in various sectors of the economy

Speaking at a meeting of the Government Commission on the Socio-Economic Development of the Far East, which was held today in Khabarovsk under the leadership of Dmitry Medvedev, the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Head of the Ministry of Eastern and Eastern Development Alexander Galushka said that the process of vesting the department with new powers was completed. Also, a draft federal law on priority development areas in the Far East has been prepared, work is underway to adjust all state and federal target programs, as well as the formation of a new state program for the development of the Far East.

“In addition, we are working on adjusting the federal target program for the development of the Far East and the Baikal region. We are completing this work by April 30, and we will transfer transport objects from it to the transport program. We also consider it important to saturate the new program for the development of the Far East with effective investment projects, ”the Minister said.

According to him, the ministry has already completed the selection of such projects. At this stage, the selected 32 investment project in various sectors of the economy. A.Galushka also formulated the mechanism and conditions for the selection of investment projects. This mechanism includes collecting information about projects, filing relevant applications in the prescribed form, analyzing investment projects using selection criteria for federal co-financing purposes, preparing, structuring selected investment projects, considering them, recommending on approving federal co-financing. And what is very important, in our opinion, the decision on the financing of the project should be made by order of the Government of the Russian Federation.

“In our opinion, it is necessary to approve a methodology for selecting and evaluating investment projects, create a special subcommittee on the development of the Far East to deal with projects, and approve a new approach to the formation of a state program based on the support of highly efficient and high-profile investment projects.

“Every ruble we spend from the budget does not just give us new facilities in the Far East for the ruble, it’s not just the resource ruble, but the maximum number of private investments is attracted from this budget for this ruble. Ratio in some submitted projects for the ruble of budget money 17 rubles of private investment, the multiplier of 1 to 17 ”- the minister said.

If we follow this path, we will be able to attract trillion rubles of private investment to the Far East 2,2, ”said A.Galushka.

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