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2015 year in the Magadan region is declared the Year of cleanliness and ecology

At the Council of the Territory, which was held by the Governor of the Magadan Region, Vladimir Pecheny, the meeting participants discussed the upcoming Year of Cleanliness and Ecology. The head of the region announced the theme of 2015 of the year, the press service of the regional government said.

The Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Magadan Region, Vladimir Mitkin, said that the Government of the Magadan Region sent proposals to the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and other agencies to include a number of measures in the sphere of environmental protection in federal targeted and state programs that are implemented at the expense of the federal budget.

Within the framework of the state program of the Russian Federation "Social and economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region" until 2025, funds will be allocated in several areas.

“The state program included funding for the identification of mercury contamination foci, localization and treatment of identified foci of accumulated environmental damage in Kolyma. The money is provided for the demolition of dilapidated, abandoned housing in towns and villages. Also among the events was included the elimination of unauthorized dumps outside the settlements, ”said Vladimir Mitkin.

He added that the proposals of the Government of the Magadan Region were also taken into account in the draft federal target program "Elimination of accumulated environmental damage" for 2014 - 2025.

“In order to limit the negative impact on the environment and in connection with the Year of Cleanliness and Ecology in Kolyma, within the framework of the regional state program, three activities are planned to be implemented in 2015, aimed at eliminating the accumulated environmental damage,” Vladimir Mitkin concluded.

0,25 million rubles were planned to identify mercury contamination and clean the identified lesions, two million rubles for the demolition of dilapidated and abandoned housing in Kolyma villages, 3,5 million rubles to clean the water area of ​​Nagayev Bay of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Funding is also provided for conducting seasonal route surveys of air quality, monitoring of water bodies and maintaining a regional inventory of production and consumption wastes.

The governor of the Magadan region reported that the total amount of funds is more than 7, 5 million rubles. He stressed that these are not final calculations. He appealed to the heads of municipalities with the request of the speedy creation of applications for measures to protect the environment in towns and villages.

"Companies that work in the regions of the Magadan Region should be connected to this work. The same demolition of abandoned houses could have been made much earlier with heavy equipment, which is possessed by large mining enterprises. I am confident that they will meet you halfway on this issue, "said Vladimir Pechenyi.

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