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Teeth are cut

Alexander Saveliev on how the fishing industry has learned to address the head of state

Teeth are cut

Alexander Saveliev

Head of the Fisheries Information Agency
In the spring of 2016, the Ostrovnoy Shikotan fish factory became known throughout the country in 10 minutes of a direct line with the president. During the live broadcast, several former employees of the enterprise reported to the head of state that their salaries had not been paid for several months. Putin then promised to do everything to “correct the situation,” instructed the prosecutor's office and other authorities to investigate.

And it raced ...

As a result, large-scale checks, arrests, dismissals, international searches, bankruptcies, scandals, collective complaints to the same president. In general, "the situation has been corrected."

At a recent press conference, the fish theme rang again.

Under the guise of a journalist, the chairman of the board of directors of the Murmansk fish factory, Mikhail Zub, who is believed to be in the Arctic for a blessed man, told the president very emotionally: "We have been gnawing the earth with our teeth for three and a half years, trying to survive. We have 300 rubles worth of fish! We must sell fish in the same way as chicken. Now the chicken 100 is worth, and the fish is 300. What are we kidding people! Do with me what you want ... "

Not having received from Rosrybolovstva a positive decision on its application for investment quotas, Mikhail Zub for three minutes and literally in ten sentences blurted out everything he knew about the key problems in the fishing industry: processing, coastal infrastructure, logistics. All that persistently do not notice or do not want to be noticed at the proper level was succinctly summarized: it is profitable for fish producers to sell catches abroad, for hard currency, for expensive.

Literally a couple of days later, the hero of the top news, the best and most memorable issue of the presidential press conference, Mikhail Zub, becomes a participant in meetings in the government and the presidential administration.

It started ...

It's terrible to imagine what ideas are now being rooted in the minds of fishermen, what prospects are opening up for them in the forthcoming straight lines and press conferences of the president. There are many problems, but the scheme works ...

For example, Rosrybolovstvo has already begun the process of considering fish processing projects. Enterprises are interested, companies are ready to invest in the development of the industry, but the issue of finalizing investment mechanisms remains open, and administrative barriers can significantly complicate the work of coastal fish processing plants.

Already adopted by-laws governing investors' access to investment quotas contain legal uncertainty, restrictions and require improvement. Zub's concern about such restrictions for fish processing companies in admission to investment quotas is shared by the manager of the Dobroflot group of companies, Alexander Efremov.

He, I think, with no less temperament than Mikhail Zub, is already ready to inform Vladimir Putin: in May 2018, applicants for investment quotas will be determined. The Dobroflot group of companies has applied to the Federal Agency for Fishery to participate in an M-type investment project for the construction of a large fish processing enterprise on the territory of the Novy Mir fishing collective farm with an investment volume of more than 2,5 billion rubles and the creation of about 1500 new jobs.

To date, the Dobroflot group of companies has the largest fish processing plant, a high-tech fishing fleet, modern coastal infrastructure, and efficient logistics. The company has serious plans to increase processing capacity, but it has its own difficulties and can not do without state support.

Within the framework of the application campaign, Dobroflot provided financial security for the fulfillment of the declared investment obligations in the form of a bank guarantee for the amount of 900 million rubles, which will be paid to the state budget in case of failure to fulfill its obligations on investments.

I am sure that Vladimir Putin will also, as in the story with Mikhail Zub, take the side of Dobroflot, but how much will "the earth have to eat with teeth" before that triumph ...

Anyway, but the teeth in the fishing industry began to be cut.
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