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Familiar "speakers" in the new scenery

With Fillet, Piglet and Moore removed the issues in the Far East taiga

Children's idols from the program "Good morning, kids!" visited the Sikhote-Alin nature reserve. The territory of the seaside reserve became a kind of film set for several days. For the sake of beautiful shots, the group of the "Klass" film company covered ~ 10 thousand kilometers with overnight stays in the autumn forest.   

Familiar "speakers" in the new scenery


Puppet reporters interviewed real researchers and inspectors Sikhote-Alin nature reserve... They asked, for example, about the habitat and nutrition of the Amur tiger, nature, rare animals and plants. Were interested in giant trees in which Himalayan bears winter:   

“Saving a tiger is a complex task. You can not take care of one thing, for example, only about the flora or only about the fauna. Careful attitude should be extended to the whole nature, and then it will be good for the forest and the ungulates that live in it, and, naturally, the main object of our efforts as an environmental organization - the Amur tiger. To bring this to the public is a task of environmental education, which has not been given due attention in our country for a long time, ”commented Sergey Aramilev, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Director of the Amur Tiger Center's Far Eastern Branch. An educational program can do much more than any specialized protection measures. That is why we hope that children, looking at the environmental issues "Good morning, kids!" And being fascinated by them, will grow ecologically responsible and will never harm nature. " 


Shooting supported ANO "Center" Amur Tiger ". The youngest member of the puppet trinity - tiger Moore - appeared in 2014 year also on the initiative of this center. Now Moore visited the largest reserve in the country where his prototype, the Amur tiger, lives.

Sutyrin SV.tigr_relevant0.jpg

The program "Good morning, kids!" was released a year ago and quickly won the love of kids and the trust of parents - it was led by the same legends of Soviet childhood from the evening version of the program. In one of the headings, Filya, Khryusha and Moore act as reporters, conduct journalistic investigations, tell the audience in detail all the most interesting. 


“During the four days of work by the film crew and the staff of the reserve, 15 scenes were taken, telling about the reserve system of Russia, Sikhote-Alin Reserveand its inhabitants. - says Dmitry Gorshkov, director of the Sikhote-Alin nature reserve, - I think that the implementation of this project is the most massive access to the people of our reserve, because the program "Good morning, kids!" are watched every day by millions of Russian residents, and this is a chance to tell them about the unique nature of Sikhote-Alin. "  

Releases of the program "Good morning, kids!" will appear on the air of the Karusel TV channel from October 17, 2017. 


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