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"To live far from Moscow does not mean to remain unnoticed"

The Amur composer Fedor Vorobyov writes songs about his native places and close people and is not going anywhere

EastRussia opens a new section called "Unsuccessful". There will be no stories about trillions, gigawatts and tonkilometers. Here we will talk about specific people who have achieved everything that can only be imagined in the Far East, and could leave here to continue to grow somewhere else. But they did not. And with love to the Far Eastern land - grow further.

"To live far from Moscow does not mean to remain unnoticed"
Photo: Photo courtesy of Fedor Vorobyov
Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP is only Launched In the work, and she already has her own anthem. The song dedicated to the builders of the hydroelectric station was written by the Annunciation composer Fyodor Vorobyov on Vera Tsykova's poetry. In total Vorobyev has more 300 songs, and most of them are about native places: about Blagoveshchensk, about people living here - builders, border guards, miners, those who work on the ground. Now that's - and about the builder.

- Of course, I did not write the song about Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP not on the day of its opening, I worked on it for a long time, - says Fedor Vorobyov. - She is a kind of gratitude to people who have done a great job for all of us, have raised this powerful construction.

By education Vorobiev musician. But he did not dream of being a composer, he began to write songs simply because the fate himself had pushed him to it.

- I myself am from the Amur village, after school I entered a music school, went to the army, came back, finished my studies. And after the school he settled in the Blagoveshchensky Center for Aesthetic Education named after Beloglazov, created the musical ensemble "Rhythm" there - the guys sang, played the guitar, drums - and worked there for almost 35 years. When I started to work with the ensemble, the question of the repertoire quickly arose: well-known children's songs at that time seemed already "wiped out", I wanted something new, fresh. I decided to try and started writing songs myself. Soon, "Rhythm" on them and switched. Now I have more than 100 children's songs, they are sung in Amur schools, in children's vocal groups. And not only in the Amur Region, but also in other regions of the Far East.

In 2003, one of the songs of Fedor Vorobyov at the festival of children's music in Italy won the Grand Prix. In the same year, at the All-Russian Open Contest "Pedagogical Innovations-2003" for the collections of children's songs "Song Is Always with Me", "Island of Childhood" and "Carousel", he was awarded the title of laureate and awarded the Medal "Inspiration". Fedor Vorobyov also has other awards: he is an Honored Worker of Culture, an excellent pupil of public education, laureate of the V and VI international festival of songs about the border ... In general, a person is popular not only in Blagoveshchensk: his collections and albums are well known in Moscow.

Often people who achieve recognition, try to move to the capital, but Fyodor Alexandrovich says that he never thought about it. And it never occurred to him to leave the ensemble "Rhythm" he created. Although why not try my luck in the metropolis?

- You know, for me it's more important to do what I like, to receive joy from work, and I have no special ambitions. Many of my students from "Rhythm" moved to Moscow, some - and abroad, graduated from conservatories, became high-class musicians. Such guys for 35 years of work were many. And I live according to the principle "Where I was born - there I was fit." I was in Moscow many times: I talked with Moscow colleagues at festivals and with my colleagues, and my brother moved there after retirement - he is a military pensioner. But the capital pace of life I do not like. To get used to it, you have to live in Moscow all the time, consider - spend half your life on the move. There you have to jostle, make your way, "get in the stream", to make a statement about yourself, perhaps - to ask for something, struggling to declare yourself. Why do I need it? Fate did not lead there to be born - means, so it is necessary.

The musician believes that there are many talented people in Russia, and this does not mean that everyone needs to move to Moscow or St. Petersburg.

"Everything is close and familiar here, and I have something to say to people." And I try to write about what people are interested in. My city I like - it's good, not noisy, beautiful. By the way, living away from Moscow does not mean that you do not go unnoticed. In 2011 at the festival "Salute, Victory", where I became a laureate of the second degree, Lev Leshchenko was sitting in the jury. So, he called our song with Fedor Novoselov "I knew something" best in this contest. For me it means a lot. Yes, and with "Rhythm" we once traveled half the country, - Fedor Vorobyev shares his memories.

Now Fyodor Alexandrovich is three years as a pensioner, he has three adult children, three granddaughters (as Vorobyov notes, all three are talented, real stars). In Blagoveshchensk he has friends, he maintains relations with former students in the ensemble "Rhythm". There was also a circle of those poets with which one likes to work most.

- This is the already mentioned Fedor Novoselov. They are Oleg Maslov, Stanislav Povny, Lyudmila Merzlyakova. Another of my favorite poet is Alexander Shtennikov, now he is no longer with us ... No wonder he was on the patronymic Sergeyevich - he wrote easily and talently on any topic, and at the same time, that people were excited by the soul, - Fedor Vorobyev says. - This is Vera Tsykova - the author of the lyrics about Nizhne-Bureyskaya HPP. She writes wonderful poems - they like listeners and me. Because they are sincere, and because the author knows and feels what he is writing about. And this is the most important thing: if I do not like poetry, then the song and people will not touch. I see "my" poem - and I understand: it should become a song.
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