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Residential Queue

In Transbaikalia do not have time to provide housing for orphans

The provision of housing for orphans and children without parental care is a headache for almost all regions of the Far East. The construction and commissioning of houses is accompanied by scandals. Transbaikalia also did not avoid this problem, while the line of orphans in need of housing is only growing, and there are only more high-profile cases.

Residential Queue

Houses from the future

Activists of the All-Russian Popular Front in the Trans-Baikal Territory identified two purchases of buildings created in the future. They were intended for orphans, whose lineup for housing is increasing every year.

According to ONF, customers in several regions chose not to make purchases for construction, but to buy objects that have not actually been built yet. According to experts, such decisions limit competition and violate the law.

“If the customer had announced a tender for construction, then there are fewer options to give the purchase to“ his “contractor. Procurement for construction is a more transparent procedure. And the purchase of the building, "created in the future", suggests that a certain organization will build something without any factual basis. After purchasing such a building, the customer obviously knows who to give all the necessary permits to. In the event that the winner is not "their" contractor, the customer can easily legally tighten the construction process. A bona fide contractor will never go to such a competition because all the cards are in the hands of the customer, ”explained Konstantin Yudenko, coordinator of the ONF project“ For Fair Purchasing ”in the Siberian Federal District.

Trans-Baikal purchase of buildings "from the future" has become the largest in Russia. The Chita administration planned this year to acquire state-owned real estate to provide housing for orphans and children left without parental care. The purchase price amounted to 297,2 million rubles. After the activists contacted the FAS, the purchase was canceled. At the same time, the city administration, according to ONF, plans to acquire several more such facilities for orphans. The contract value is 148,6 million rubles. Objects must be transferred to the customer by December 15 of 2019.

According to the regional Ministry of Social Security, contracts for the purchase of 90 apartments worth 148 625334 rubles have been concluded, agreements have been signed. Ten houses are at different stages of construction: from building a foundation to installing a roof truss system.


Without amenities and with mold

Scandals with housing for orphans are not uncommon for Transbaikalia. So, in early October, investigators began checking information on the provision of poor-quality housing for orphans in the Blagodatny microdistrict of the Chita region. She passes on the fact of negligence. As Egor Markov, senior assistant to the head of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Trans-Baikal Territory, told EastRussia, investigative actions are under way to identify all circumstances, investigators are conducting polls. Based on the results of this work, appropriate decisions will be made. In the meantime, residents continue to complain about the cold, fungus and mold.

“We were happy to have our own housing. A month later, linoleum was lifted up, and a fungus appeared under it. We started to complain to the developer. He constantly promised to fix the defects, but in fact he fed them breakfast. Then we wrote an application to the Single Customer Service, they came, took a picture, said that they would fix it. But they still fix it, they have been driving for six months already, ”complained one of the residents of the Blagodatny microdistrict building.

According to the documents, the orphans were provided with comfortable housing, but in fact there are no bathrooms, baths and cesspools in the houses. They heat the houses with stoves, residents buy water at their own expense. There is no possibility to grow something, since there are no cellars in houses - there is no place to store the crop.

Houses for orphans and children left without parental care in Blagodatnoy have been handed over since August 2017. The third governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Natalya Zhdanova, was then pleased with the quality of the construction and ordered the Ministry of Social Protection of the Territory to quickly settle people there. Now in the government of the Trans-Baikal Territory, they refuse to comment on the situation with the provision of housing for orphans that has developed in the region.


What we have - do not store

Orphans themselves often become the culprits of their housing troubles. So, in Chita, especially for orphans who stood in line for housing, they built the youth district. Graduates of orphanages began to settle there back in 2015 under a social loan agreement. Almost immediately, light bulbs began to disappear in the porches, fights became common, residents were afraid to leave their apartments in the evenings. New residents broke doors, windows, and in their own apartments.

As part of the post-boarding service since 2017, the regional ministry of labor and social protection, together with the Department of State Property and Land Relations, has been monitoring residential premises. According to the results of the surveys, it turned out that in 7,9% of cases, the tenants use the premises improperly - the housing is destroyed, burned out, unsuitable for living, or outsiders live in it.

With unscrupulous employers, they terminate the contracts, and former residents are obliged to repair the damage in court. After this, the premises are brought into proper condition and redistributed to others in need of housing.


Court Housing

According to the regional Ministry of Social Security, on 1 of September, the list of orphans and children left without parental care includes 8110 people, of which 720 should be settled in court.

397 737 400 rubles are provided for providing orphans with living quarters, more than 300 million of which were allocated from the federal budget.

In August this year, the head of the Department of State Property Alexei Khosoev received a scolding from the head of the region for a long purchase of apartments for orphans. The official reported that of the 160 apartments for orphans to be purchased this year, the regional authorities acquired only 40. Experts advise orphans not to wait for purchases, but to go to court.

“The local government is obliged to provide housing without waiting for a lawsuit or a magic kick. If the court decision on providing the orphanage with the living quarters has already been made, it is desirable to obtain a writ of execution, you need to give time to the bailiffs for execution. In case of delaying, it is necessary to appeal against the inaction of the authorities responsible for the execution of decisions. It is clear that it is difficult for a young person who was left without the support of relatives to do this, so you need to contact the prosecutor's office. It is she who, as a rule, appears in court with claims for the protection of orphans. Let her take care of, inter alia, bringing it to a victorious end, ”said Lolla Kirillova, an expert on the information portal Zhilfin.rf (within the framework of the project of the Ministry of Finance of Russia on financial literacy).

Another option for solving the problem is to go to court with an application to change the procedure for the execution of the court decision, in which the defendant is asked to oblige to transfer money for self-purchase of housing. According to the expert, this is a difficult path, but there is a similar practice in Russia.

“I would also venture to voice one of the versions why apartments for orphans in the Trans-Baikal Territory have not been purchased. It is possible that the amount from the budget is simply not enough to purchase 160 premises, ”said Lolla Kirillova.

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