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Reinforced concrete

Vladimir Samchenko, carpenter-concrete 5 level, foreman of the branch Construction Management-713 Dalspetsstroy

Reinforced concrete

The first launch of the launch vehicle from the Vostochny cosmodrome is a very expected and exciting event for builders: rebarmen, carpenters, concrete workers, dressers, tilelayers ... The hardest, most exhausting work fell on their shoulders: in a harsh climate, in the most difficult conditions to create truly unique objects New Russian cosmodrome.

So here is a concrete carpenter of the 5 category, the team leader of the SU-713 branch of Dalspetsstroy, Vladimir Samchenko, like his colleagues, has been waiting for this event for four years. Holidays are rare at the Vostochny cosmodrome. Most often they are carried out on construction sites - the construction is in a tense rhythm, and everyone understands that it is impossible to slow down the pace.

"We will observe the first launch from the territory of our shift camp. You see, all these objects are our work! We have done our work and now we can see its fruits. The fact that I participated in the construction of the cosmodrome and was able to do something necessary for my country will be proud of my whole life. "

Vladimir Samchenko built a starter table, meteorological station, water intake, administrative buildings. With his brigade, he went through all the floors of the "underworld" of the launching structure.

The sensitive and wise foreman managed to rally people from different parts of Russia and infect them with a common idea. In the Samchenko brigade there are workers from the Chita, Rostov, Amur regions, the Altai Territory. All of them went to the cosmodrome with great desire, driven by the idea of ​​doing a great cause, which will be proud of their whole lives, telling their children and grandchildren.

When the work on concreting the launch pad entered the most active phase, Samchenko's team grew almost threefold, it was no longer 30 workers, but 80.

"We have a team in which you can rely on everyone, from the chain to the simple worker, and as soon as we felt it, the construction went. When the starting table was concreted, they worked in two shifts - day and night under the lights of searchlights. When it was necessary to finish the concrete or preparatory work before concreting, no one checked the clock - everyone remained in production. "

Today, while admiring the objects of the Oriental, illuminated by the rays of the spring sun, Samchenko already himself hardly believes that quite recently there was a foundation pit. “The most favorable time for construction is spring and autumn. But you can't stop the construction, and we worked all year round. In winter, at temperatures from -30 С ° to -45 С ° and in summer under the rays of the scorching sun and the invasion of midges and mosquitoes. Even strong Far Eastern guys will tell you that this is not easy. Imagine that in gloves with such a frost you need to knit for hours fittings with a diameter of 4 cm, a weight of 120 a kilogram, and a long 11 meter. To transfer it, we need the efforts of five or six people. So it is necessary not just to raise, but also to fix. And the reinforcement to the touch that the sandpaper, all ribbed and even warmed gloves of the day for two are erased. "

"During the construction of the launch facility, a complex reinforcement system was used. A complex work is always interesting to perform, it is the richest experience for any builder. There were many "gnutikov" with a diameter of 36, 40 centimeters. Put them in the right radius is also a challenge. "

Samchenko calls the “gnomes” rebar for the starting ring, which was previously radially bent in the reinforcement workshop and was already being finalized at the facility. The human factor cannot be excluded, because the project is a project, but in real life it is impossible to achieve “computerized” accuracy. Therefore, the foreman should always keep under special control every stage of the work.

Another innovation is the couplings. "Previously, reinforcement was predominantly overlapping, and at the cosmodrome, interestingly, all the reinforcement on the couplings is held together. And this is an additional front of work - to fit each coupling. But such objects are built for centuries. "

When concrete works are being carried out, the construction site boils like a beehive. Here we need round-the-clock control. To get the right consistency of concrete mixes, without shells and pores, experience is required. Vladimir Samchenko knows everything about this material. "In the winter, for example, frost-resistant additives are added to the concrete. It is necessary that he better grasp, but he did not freeze ahead of time either. It is difficult to conduct concrete work on thickly reinforced plots. So, at the starting structure the reinforcement step reaches 4-5 centimeters, so concrete is also required for a more liquid consistency. But the flue tray is another story. Not only that the work here was conducted at an angle of 45 °, so the concrete was poured over a special moisture-proof membrane. For such works we ordered the thickest concrete. Work with him on the order of magnitude heavier, but as a work can not be doubted.

If you recall the whole period of construction, then, of course, there were moments when the materials showed themselves under the influence of external factors in a new way, for example, the tie was torn on the formwork. But we quickly corrected these problems. I've never had critical situations on my site. "

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