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"Here we must learn to live here"

Thousands of entrants and their parents on the Open Door Day 20 January visited the FEFU Campus

"Here we must learn to live here"
Photo: Press service of the FEFU, Lyubov Svalova
An open door day for prospective applicants and their parents was held at the Far Eastern Federal University 20 January. The auditoriums and halls of the main building in the Campus of the FEFU on Russky Island were crowded that day, at the entrance to the campus, at 9 in the morning there was a traffic jam: more than 6000 guests were accepted by the university. This crowd was not observed even in the days of the Eastern Economic Forum - 2017, which also took place here in the autumn.
The guests of the campus were not only future graduates of the 11 classes, but also ninth-graders and tenth-formers, who are in a good position to think about choosing a profession. Schoolchildren and their parents came from different cities of the country, but mostly from Vladivostok and other subjects of Primorsky Krai. The main question for them is how to enter one of the 4368 budget seats allocated to FEFU for 2018 - 2019 academic year.
The program of the Open House Day was so full that it hardly fit on the twelve-page memo for the guests - in very small print. Already in the middle of the day, paper programs for constantly arriving guests were not enough: volunteers offered to photograph the last remaining memo.

Despite the pandemonium, the organization of the event was qualitative: there were no problems with the admission to the territory of the campuses of the FEFU campus (which is very rare), dozens of savvy volunteers were on duty at the open doors in the buildings, visually clear signs were placed in prominent places. At the same time, the conduct did not prevent the educational process: the current students of the FEFU are just now busy closing the sessions.
Start a "business"
In addition to excursions to the FEFU campus and the exhibition of the directions for the preparation of the University's Schools for the participants, a festive opening was organized for the rector of the University Nikita Anisimov, Vice-Governor of the Primorsky Krai Konstantin Mezhonov and the newly elected head of the city of Vladivostok Vitaly Verkeenko. Each delivered a speech:
- The Far Eastern Federal University is a leading educational and scientific center in the East of Russia, - said Nikita Anisimov. According to him, last year FEFU students were the first in Russia to defend their diplomas in a startup format. - Such protection is not just a formality, it is a concrete step at the beginning of your own business, which will bear real results. You can also start your own business right at the university. FEFU is ready to become a new home for you, where you can realize yourself not only as highly qualified specialists, researchers, but also businessmen.
As Konstantin Mezhonov noted, an important task of the FEFU is to strengthen Russia's positions in the Far East.
"It is very important for us that as many students as possible come to our region, study here and live here," he said. - Therefore, the task of FEFU is not only to educate students, but also to support their further employment. It is in FEFU that you will have the opportunity to be in the center and even become participants in the strategic events that are unfolding today in the Far East.
Vitaly Verkeenko noted that it is in FEFU that his son will study.
"I'm not only here as the head of the city, but as a father, whose son is now busy choosing his future profession at this university," he said. -Sure, he, like you, will make the right choice. Today is not just an Open Day for the University, today the doors to your adult, real life open. And the first correct step you have already made.
From spirituality to robotics
On the Open Doors Day, each of the eight FEFU schools not only prepared separate brochures with systematic information for prospective students, but also conducted several master classes, lectures, trainings and seminars. Some schools, for example, the School of Arts and Humanities and the School of Natural Sciences, held 20-25 meetings with students. At the same time, if in the School of Natural Sciences with applicants talked mainly on specific and practical topics - for example, "Medical Chemistry: How to Create Medicine" and "Master Class on Robotics" - then in the School of Arts and Humanities there were such topics, "The psychology of spirituality" and "For what I live, or the science of happiness."
By the way, these two Schools on Open Day enjoyed almost the same popularity among the guests. The excitement was also noted at the training center of the University military educational center: schoolchildren, mostly male, were interested in the prospect of training under military training programs for Russian citizens with further service in the army under contract.
More than a thousand people gathered in the Blue Hall of the main building of the FEFU to listen to a lecture on "why the USE points are not enough to go on budget". The schoolchildren were told that they would have to take part in a tense contest for a budget place, as there are more than nine such applicants for each claim. Therefore, in addition to the high score of the Unified State Examination, it is desirable to have other merits: a diploma with honors, wins and prizes in the All-Russian Olympiads, some of which are organized by FEFU, successes in sports, and a TRP badge and a certificate. The latter, incidentally, will add two points to the total number of points incoming.
- What separates the "student-payer" from the "budget student?" - asked the leader of the lecture. - Sometimes it's just one point. So any of your additional merits can help you on admission.
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