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"There is such a clot of oxygen that any spark can cause an explosion"

Painter Vasily Krasyuk about why Vladivostok shock visitors and what is its authenticity

Journalist, artist and amateur photographer Vasily Krasyuk lives in Vladivostok for more than 30 years. The indigenous Primorye told EastRussia for the column "Unsuccessful" about what Vladivostok surprises visitors from other regions and what needs to be done by the residents themselves so that the beloved city becomes even more popular.

"There is such a clot of oxygen that any spark can cause an explosion"
Photo: Photo courtesy of Vasily Krasyuk
- I am a native Primorye. My great-grandfathers and grandfathers were among the first settlers in this land. Back in the nineteenth century, they arrived in the Bay of Peter the Great Diomid's Bay, then moved to the central Primorye, where they founded the village of Glazovka, ”says Vasily. - In Vladivostok, I live more than 30 years and I consider my city very much loved. Here live the patriots who never leave here, I am among them. Yes, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, probably more places where you can be realized. But my sun rises in the East, here is the best sea in the world and the most beautiful islands, I am saturated with this from ancestors, this is such a root that cannot be torn out.
In his youth, Vasily replaced up to a dozen professions, and in 1998, he came to work for Primorskoye TV. He is currently teaching students at the High School of Television at the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service. And this year marks exactly 20 years, as Krasyuk works in journalism.
- We are the first to sound the whole country. I always liked that the news day starts from Vladivostok, - Vasily says. - And it's funny that any event in our country has a cumulative effect: if it rains, then it must be 150 mm of precipitation, if the wind blows, trees will fall, and not somewhere, but on cars. Approximately also happens to people: young Victor Shalay (director of the Arseniev Museum - EastRussia) got into the museum and made a miracle of miracles, Sergei Cherkasov (Russian painter and painter, originally from Vladivostok - EastRussia) opened his gallery in the gateway, And the place is transformed. Vladivostok is a passionary city: there is such a clot of oxygen that any movement of a spark can cause an explosion. The residents of the city are born non-standard ideas that can come to mind only in this area, so Vladivostok is a very good place for romantics and adventurers.
Five years ago, Basil went to the store for artists and bought everything he needed to do painting. Since then, he devotes time to his beloved work every day; his exhibitions and master classes are held in the region.
"Vladivostok is primarily a sea," Vasily says. - It is wonderful in any form. Recently the Razdolnaya River has thrown out two cubic kilometers of fresh, dirty water, and our sea has become, like Yellow River, yellow. After some time, when the sea water began to win, the sea changed color to red. A few days later it acquired an unusual intermediate color - it became slightly violet. And the last two days it is already shining, as always. The sea is fine even when frozen: you can listen to it, watch the ice rise and drop a little. The sea breathes, it's alive. This is our sea, hills, islands, nature - it's all incredible beauty. She made me pick up a brush.
Vasiliy has several favorite places in the city, where he likes to visit himself and leads friends from other cities. Any walk in Vladivostok is a walk through the historic pie.
"We do not have as much historicity as in the West, but it's so wonderful." I walk around the city, look at some building and remember that I know about it in different periods. It turns out a whole bunch of stories, - says Vasily. - In the center there is a house where the throne heir Nikolai Alexandrovich once stood. In those days it was a very noisy area: near the five theaters, a glass. The bed of the future emperor was standing next to the extreme window, he lay down early, and the young soldier walked around the house along the street and reassured the night revelers: "Quiet, the heir to the hereditary successor was pleased." It's such an interesting legend and we have a lot of such people.
Friends of Basil from Yekaterinburg and Moscow say that Vladivostok is even more exotic for them than Vietnam and Thailand. They explain this by the fact that right-handed thinking, beacons, bridges, caviar and other eggs are something incredibly authentic.
- My friends in Vladivostok are surprised and shocked by everything, for what they would not undertake! Vasily laughs. - Our juxtaposition, Asian foot. Pyanse is a dumpling or a roll? Milkis - how can you sample milk? For them, this is a curiosity. And what kind of walk? We passed 200 meters, and our legs are already aching. For a person who has been walking the straight streets all his life, this distance is enough to make those muscles that by default never worked before. Of course, I take them to the Tokarevsky lighthouse to walk along the spit. It's wonderful to walk around the Old Million (One of the most exotic streets of old Vladivostok - EastRussia), go to the gallery. Later in the autumn, when you can enjoy the beauty of withering, I love the botanical garden. Of course, our Sports Quay is beautiful, I observe it for 30 years, I note how it changes.
Vladivostok is unique to Western Russians. And, according to Vasily, we should cling to it and tell more about our city.
- Make the city more popular can everyone. To do this, you need to find a favorite place and tell others about it, so that they too will become interested, - says Vasily. - So, thanks to social networks, Toizin Cape was promoted. Before, nobody really heard about him, there were only some isolated stories. And now this is a popular youth cult place.
Vasily also has a favorite place, which he made popular, laying out on his page in Feibuck pictures he took.
- The porch of my house is fifty meters from the beach on Cape Kungasnom. And as soon as I see that there is a beautiful sunset, we with my muse, Myla's dog, throw everything and run to the sea, where I make amateur photographs. And I note that every week I meet a man who learned about Kungas through my pictures. Yes, this is a small point of attraction, but the idea is working: find an interesting place for yourself, talk about it, and like-minded people will appear.
Vladivostok is a zone of Vasiliy's spiritual comfort and at the same time a zone of that discomfort where he wants to fight for his city. The logistics problem of transport, parking, spot development - this is an eternal problem, but any city is not ideal and the attitude towards it depends on the internal installations.
"I understand how Vladivostok is bad," Vasili says, "by weather, by officials, by slovenliness, but when you find it good, you fall in love, your eyes change. We do not swear on the rain and a strong fog, we call it the proprietary Vladivostok weather. And plugs for us - a wonderful occasion to listen to an audio novel. The most important thing is to preserve the authenticity of the city, which, unfortunately, it is deprived of. You do not need to overbuild the center, cover the siding with an old, noble brick. It's a pity that the city parted with the tram, there is not enough of its ringing when you walk along Svetlanskaya (the central street in Vladivostok - EastRussia), and it also misses the summer cinema, which would definitely be popular. Vladivostok is a beautiful city, which without doubt has great prospects. It is clear that the most popular sphere where young people can work for us is tourism. And there is a hope that we will develop a scientific direction, now universities are focusing on this.
According to Vasily, in due course the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service and the Far Eastern Federal University will attract even more students. It will be good if the universities develop a youth infrastructure: develop theatrical art and sports, because there are Japan, Korea, China nearby, and any international competitions are convenient for the adaptation of athletes and this is interesting.
- When the opera house was opened, there were rumors about the city that there would be no filling, but see how many citizens there now go - a full hall. Arbat should be brought to mind: to open more interesting cafes, shops, to feel that you are in a clean, cozy, safe city, two steps from Asia. In Vladivostok, there are not enough cultural centers, I want more theaters, and that they are chamber ones. Here is how the theater of contemporary dance of Olga Bavdilovich was a cult place in the city. There were only fifty seats, but it was considered an event to attend the next performance. This was talked about as Tabakerk in Moscow. And I want a race track, as I used to be on Lugovoi, to hear again this without a timeless rumbling. All these seemingly trivial things make the city unique, attractive and they should be developed for the love of the history of Vladivostok and for its future, - concludes Vasily.
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