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“There is no place in the established realms”

What was said in social networks about actual statistics on outflow of population

EastRussia material "Outflow of population is getting out of the explanation", published last week, received considerable resonance in social networks. Far Easterners, Muscovites and even those who live abroad today participated in the discussions that took place on private pages on Facebook and VKontakte. We noticed comments from regional ministers, from journalists and experts, from businessmen. We publish a selection of the most interesting comments and comments.

Semyon Vashchenko: To avoid the outflow of the population, there should be gingerbread, which is not in the west of Russia. In none of the aspects does the far east win over the west and south of Russia. At the expense of everything, there should be an influx of the population - it is not clear.

Elena Gritsenko: Housing should be given to live free of charge - on social rent, without the right to privatization. You live here - here's an apartment for you, if you leave - hand it over to the state. When a person has a roof over his head, he will find something to do. When this roof does not require rent in the amount of a monthly salary, then claims will decrease to the local level of salaries - people will be able to live, not survive. 
And for business we need not hectares, but hundreds of hectares and tariffs for everything is several times lower. And do not interfere!

Dmitry Korostelev: The structure of migration is also an important thing. Vanguey that the main and the most promising (those who are competitive at the global or at least the all-Russian labor market) are leaving, and mostly unskilled labor comes, moreover, mentally not particularly related. The problem is that in the Far East, most of the special prospects do not exist, but the consciousness of this depresses the pohlesche of the high cost of living.

Konstantin Mikhailov: After the post I wrote off with friends with whom we started working together at the academic institute in the second year. Of 7 people in Khabarovsk there were only two: I and my classmate.
Someone left for Canada or Germany, someone moved to the capital.
I also asked around those who had graduated in the same specialty three years earlier and worked at the same institute: from their graduation people fled to foreign countries and capitals. These are all people with higher education with a good background in mathematics.

Alexander Simontsev: By the way, there are good vacancies in the Far East, in particular in Khabarovsk, there are. And the people are also not bad, which correspond to these vacancies. Another question is that these same people, for some reason, think that having gone to the west, they will have more choice. So it is, but at times more competition. I myself am a supporter of mobility, but in this case, why, if there is something nearby?

Olga Demidenko: One may speak about the opening of enterprises. But Sakhalin residents complain that Gazprom does not take local jobs. Vanino is a great job for men only in Daltransugl. And besides enterprises, anywhere from here is very far and very expensive. All sorts of structures work poorly, from medicine to mail, and so on.

Anna Nikitenko: I'm very interested in who will work, for example, on the Siburov-Gazprom gas processing plant in Amurka under construction? After all, the necessary staff is not just a large number of people, but the QUALIFIED cadres. Migrants from the CIS countries are unlikely to be able to shut these holes.

Dmitry Sukhanovskiy: Plant Star is similar. 8000 people. Yes, there is a set for the school. Lured 30 people from the west. And the rest of 7970 from where? Guitarists from the Green Corner.

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