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Lost corner, or In search of inspiration

Hector: how to revive the abandoned village of the Old Believers

Lost corner, or In search of inspiration
Special project Far East hectare: history
The farmer from Priamurye Vadim Ostroverkh has designed a plot of land where there are no people, connections and electricity. However, quite quickly the attempt to distract from cares and vanity developed into a high goal: Vadim Ostroverkh, along with like-minded people, revives the abandoned village of the Old Believers.

Vadim Ostroverkh lives in the village of Arkhara. He works as a farmer from 2007 year, grows soy and buckwheat. Vadim and his friends like active recreation, and during trips they often passed through Tatakan. This settlement was founded by settlers-Old Believers, and in the 1970-ies was abandoned and disappeared from the map. The place is buried in verdure, and Vadim often thought about how good it would be to have a small house there. And it turned out: the farmer became one of the first owners of the "Far Eastern hectare" and last year built a house on it. On the site there is a bathhouse, and next year there will be a garage and sheds, Vadim counts. In addition to him, plots in the old village were taken by another 12 people. They all live in the same area and are familiar to the farmer. Many owners of hectares already deliver materials and are building. In addition, there are new applications for sites, so that Tatakan will soon be revived. The settlement is located at 50 kilometers from Arhara, and Vadim and his future neighbors regularly "run away" there for a few days from cares and bustle.

“There is nature, taiga, a river nearby. The air is clean and you can eat snow. There is no connection, otherwise the phone rings and rings every day! We come for a day, for two, it happens for a week, we rest, we catch fish, ”says Vadim with delight.

In summer, you can get to Tatakan by motorboat, in winter - by ice on the river or through hills on motorcycles and quad bikes. Vadim Ostroverh says that they drive constantly to their hectares, at any time of the year.

The farmer admits that in a few years he will use the site not only for recreation. "Maybe I'll put an apiary or a goat, I'll milk it and make mozzarella cheese. Import substitution! In addition, China is near, "thinks Ostroverch.

True, now in Tatakan there is no electricity. Landowners bring generators here. According to Vadim, in the house he has a TV and a satellite dish. Under the law, the authorities will have to provide the village with electricity, when it will issue at least 20 hectares. The new owners are sure that there is not much to wait for.


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