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Gourmet notes

Which cafes, restaurants and bars you need to go to Vladivostok

It's hard to say how many times I was in the capital of Primorye. Maybe twenty, maybe thirty times ... The first visit happened ten years ago, in 2007. For the point "on the edge of the world" Vladivostok is developing remarkably rapidly. For ten years it has turned into a city where one can safely move from Moscow, if the Motherland or the work invites.

Gourmet notes
So, you are on a business trip or traveling in a nice seaside city, where the salty air smells like the sea, and tourists on the embankment are photographed with a monkey. How to start a walk around the tasting and drinking restaurants? We will proceed from the fact that you came to Vladivostok in the most pleasant period for this period, July-October, so start with a beautiful view of the sea.

Lunch on the roof and not only

The verandah of the restaurant "Seven Feet" is the place where you can enjoy local seafood, looking at the water and the masts of yachts. Wait for delights from the kitchen and even more so from the wine card is not worth it, but fresh scallops and an excellent view all redeem. There are several points in Vladivostok where you can observe the perfect sunset, for example, the panoramic restaurant "Height", which is located in an elite residential building on the top floor. From the windows you can see a business card of the city - a bridge across the Golden Horn Bay. The food corresponds to the place - once you have lunch at an altitude of 207 meters above sea level, you can definitely.

Most tourists are brought to Del Mar restaurant. This is really a picturesque corner near the so-called beauty avenue - the street where couples in love admire the lights of the night city. For a delightful view of Vladivostok, you can put a plus, and food - mediocre.

Another restaurant that boasts a panoramic view is the "Dome"; is located behind the bridge, in the hotel "Meridian". Again, you can have lunch once, but if you stayed in another hotel, then you should not go specially.

Separately, I want to stay at the restaurant Novik Country Club, located near the FEFU, on the island of Russian. On the seashore there is a beautiful wooden veranda, drowning in greenery. Here you can try all sorts of Far Eastern delicacies: aquariums with seafood are full of scallops and shellfish. The only negative is the service. I was there several times, but, alas, nothing has changed. The administrator and the waiters prefer not to notice you. Once with a friend sat an hour in anticipation, when they accept the order, but the miracle did not happen, I had to leave with nothing.

Ideal dinner

Perhaps, the best in all respects restaurant of pan-Asian cuisine in Vladivostok is Zuma. For the kitchen, service and interior is a solid five. If you want to have a delicious dinner in an environment of nice people, you are right here. I am always delighted to visit this institution. And by the way, there are incredible desserts! Practically molecular cuisine.

Recently, visiting Vladivostok, I fell in love with the OGONYK farm restaurant (located in the Astoria Hotel). The guys are really trying, there are really delicious dishes, including meat. Visitors have already appreciated the pleasant atmosphere, so book a table in advance. If you throw away the small flaws, then in general a worthy place.

In the embankment area is Iz Brasserie, here seaside deputies and businessmen like to appoint meetings. Local beauties also come to show themselves. While you are dining, you can observe the life of the Vladivostok beau monde. A restaurant with a pleasant cuisine at Moscow prices deserves at least one of your visits.

Very close to the owners of Iz Brasserie opened the chef Restaurant Kitchen. The public flows from one institution to another and back. The menu is varied, it's tasty, so if you're in the center, I recommend it.

On the map of fashion establishments not so long ago there was one more point - restaurant Selfi with a pleasant interior and a wide choice of dishes. The institution is oriented to young people, and the prices for Primorye are not small, so usually the restaurant is half empty. But it's easy to find a table in the evening.

Waiters are first-class, service is excellent. When they brought me tea with a match (how it got there, it is not known), apologized several times and organized a dessert as a gift.

If you plan a late dinner, then the ideal solution will be SVOY fete (the former SAVOY fete). The restaurant, located at the beginning of the local Arbat, on Admiral Fokine Street, runs until two in the morning and is known for its cozy atmosphere. Cooks thank you very much, it's really delicious! I appoint meetings here for several years, so I declare with confidence: the quality of the kitchen has not changed.

And where is the special Far Eastern color, you ask. And you will be right. Why fly eight hours to be in a cafe like the capital's. To taste Asian exotic tastes, go to the Chinese market. In its very center you can taste traditional Chinese dishes at ridiculous prices, and let sticky tables do not bother you, because you came here for authenticity!

Dancing on the water

The Mumiy Troll Music Bar still remains a visiting card of the Vladivostok party. It works 24 hours 7 days a week, so if your business trip was on Monday, do not worry - the dance floor and karaoke room are open until dawn. At the weekend there are the most incendiary parties: in the windows-showcases you can see dancing girls, on the stage - the performance of the rock band. Come, you will not regret.
Those who are not used to staying in one place, move to the bar "Friendship" on the same street. Here they serve herring, lard and pickles - a paradise for nostalgia for Soviet times. Portraits of the leaders of the past era do not interfere with unrestrained fun, everyone is happy to dance and sing at the top of their voice. For loud music and a delicious beer, head to Paulaner Bräuhaus near Zuma, if it's easier - to "Cat and Clover" or Zabriskie Point.

But the glamorous public of Vladivostok should be looked for in other institutions. I remember 10 years ago, when gambling was still allowed and there was a casino in the Hyundai hotel, I first tried to play blackjack. Newcomers are lucky, and left with four thousand rubles, while the dollar was then worth 25! We won the prize in the local pathos club, now it's probably already closed, and I do not remember the name. Then it seemed to me that the most beautiful girls live in Vladivostok, exclusively models. Since then, nothing has changed: fashion clubs Cuckoo and SanKemo attack slender, long-legged beauties.

Aptepati is not for the weak

After a night raskolbasa you want to relax, drink a cup of coffee and finally remember which hotel you stopped at this time. One of the most pleasant breakfasts awaits the guests of Primorye in the cafe STUDIO. Another option - to go to the bakery, they have recently opened a lot. Delicious cheesecakes are prepared in Michel's Bakery. But the richest menu in the morning hours at the restaurant "Milk and honey", and the interior of the second floor I really like.

At dawn, remembering the night route, you realize that the city has really become younger and more dynamic. There are more and more restaurants, and, most importantly, the quality of the cuisine and the level of service with each new discovery only grow. Honestly, many Russian cities have much to learn from Vladivostok.
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