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Care for someone else's account

Small business will force to pay travel of employees to the resort

Care for someone else's account

The law, which obliges entrepreneurs in the Far North to provide their employees with free travel to places of recreation, will hit medium and small Far Eastern businesses, experts told

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Law "On Amendments to Article 33 of the Law of the Russian Federation" On State Guarantees and Compensations for Persons Working and Living in the Far North and Equated Localities "and Article 325 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, according to which states entrepreneurs in the regions of the Far North or areas equated to such areas are obliged to compensate their employees and their families for travel to places of rest.

If earlier, according to Art. 325 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, only budget organizations paid for their tickets to the resorts, now private and state-owned enterprises are obliged to do this once every two years. The employer will compensate employees for tickets only for domestic routes. It turns out that any barber shop or even a stall should pay for holiday tickets to employees.

In the Far East, the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Magadan Region, Sakhalin and Yakutia fully fall under this norm, and in part - the Khabarovsk Territory, the Amur Region and the Primorsky Territory. So, in the Khabarovsk Territory, about 70% of the territory is considered northern or equated to the northern regions, in particular, the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur (population - 300 thousand people, the second largest city in the Khabarovsk Territory). EAO will not be affected by the amendments.

Small and medium businesses took this news with pessimism. Experts believe that some entrepreneurs will go into the shadows, others will wind down the business, and others will begin to reduce staff or hire employees under fixed-term contracts.

Entrepreneurs believe that this law will only ruin them. Dmitry Sergeev, an entrepreneur from Magadan, predicts that he will most likely have to close his computer repair business because of this law.

"Purely arithmetically, after the payment of these compensations, I myself will not be able to take my family to the resort. My annual income ranges from 700 to 800 thousand rubles, less the rent of premises and the salary of two masters. Imagine that each of them with his wife and child will want to fly in the summer to the Black Sea. I will have to pay them plane tickets first to Moscow, then to Krasnodar, it's about 22 - 24 thousand rubles one way, 44-48 thousand rubles both ways, for three people - 132 - 140 thousand rubles. Two families - 264 - 280 thousand rubles, this is a third of annual income, "D.Sergeev shared with correspondent.

Yevgeny Shulepov, chairman of the Far Eastern Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, believes that the state is shifting its social functions onto entrepreneurs. “There is nothing to guess here, businessmen’s expenses increase significantly, and, logically, entrepreneurs begin to optimize taxes, raise product prices, hire workers under various forms of fixed-term contracts (taking them out of the state) ... Models and means in order to optimize costs, enough. Everyone will think based on their own circumstances, - E. Shulepov is sure. - If the state introduces benefits for working people and does not compensate them, then entrepreneurship considers it unfair. It turns out that this is caring for people at someone else's expense. If the state is concerned about certain social guarantees, then it should pay for these benefits. "

This, of course, a useful initiative for people may entail a higher cost of production. Competitiveness will further decline in the northern areas, said the director of the Far Eastern Market Research Institute, Doctor of Economic Sciences Vadim Zausayev.

“For the development of the Far East, such an initiative - to pay people to travel to places of rest - is definitely useful. But it’s impossible to add all this to the costs of businessmen, because products in the northern regions may become more expensive due to the increase in these production costs, said V. Zausayev. - If we proceed from the fact that the Far East is a territory of active development, then it is in the interests of the state to increase the demographic potential of the region. It is no accident that the development of the population is spelled out in the development strategy of the East of the country and the Baikal region.

It is necessary to strengthen the ties of the Far East with the European part of Russia, otherwise people will leave because they often cannot fly to their historic homeland, look at the cultural values ​​of the country (this is especially important for young people). If this is not, then the Far East will continue to leave. But this is the task of the state, not business. The social responsibility of entrepreneurship includes providing its employees with good wages, creating decent working conditions, and fulfilling all tax obligations, said V. Zausayev to EastRussia.Ru correspondent.

Entrepreneurs are beaten under this law, it is approved in an unacceptable form, co-chairman of the interregional branch of the public organization “Business Russia” in the Khabarovsk Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region Andrei Sukhorukov expressed an opinion.

“With the existing fare and baggage fares, for far north enterprises that do not live and survive, it will become a very heavy load. From this situation there can be several exits. Part of the business may go into the shadows, some will close, some will reduce the number of employees. In any case, entrepreneurs, these costs will put in the cost of goods or services, so we should expect a significant increase in prices, this can be argued guaranteed, - said A. Sukhorukov. - The population of the Far North and so lives is not rich, and this law may exacerbate their situation. On the one hand, we see a manifestation of concern for the people of the Far North, on the other - the same concern leaves them sideways. ”

In the Duma of Khabarovsk Krai already concerned about amendments to the law regulating compensation. Before it was adopted, the head of the regional parliament Viktor Chudov proposed to amend the adopted amendments. V. Chudov believes that more than 80% of small and medium-sized businesses in the north of the Far East will be unprofitable after the payment of such compensation. In this regard, he sent to the State Duma and the Federation Council a proposal: to provide compensation for travel expenses for recreation at the expense of the federal budget. To cover these costs, V. Chudov planned to receive 1,5 billion rubles. But from the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs came the answer: costs are not provided for by the federal budget. 

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