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Transbaikalia: there is enough land for everyone

Starting from August 1, the Trans-Baikal Territory will join the program “Far Eastern hectare”

Transbaikalia: there is enough land for everyone
Starting from 1 in August, any of the residents of Transbaikalia will be able to join the “Far Eastern hectare” program and receive for free personal use a land plot of up to 100 acres. Just as many people have already done in other regions of the Far Eastern Federal District, to which Transbaikalia was included by a presidential decree of November last November 3. The relevant law regarding the provision of land plots was recently adopted by the State Duma, and now the same rights and privileges are available to Transbaikal residents as the rest of the Far Eastern Federal District. Before 1 February 2020, local residents have an advantage in obtaining land for personal needs or business, until 1 in August 2020 - those who are registered in any of the Far East regions. And only after this date, all other Russians will be able to apply for land in the Trans-Baikal Territory.

The area of ​​Zabaykalsky Krai is 43 million hectares. According to calculations, 46% of this vast territory can be used as “Far Eastern hectares” - which is about 19,7 million hectares. There are, of course, the so-called "land-not." The law does not apply to the territories of settlements and private property, to the "green belt" around cities, nature reserves and nature conservation areas, to areas that are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense, roads, sacral objects, architectural monuments, cemeteries, etc. "Rent a piece state border ", as in the famous joke, in the Far East will not succeed, even if you really want. But to buy a deserted “no-man’s” island on the river or a lake and make a camp site for active recreation there - please. Cooperate with neighbors or relatives, combine their hectares and create an agricultural cooperative, plant strawberries, raise breeding cows or put beehives for health. To open a small private production, to enter into the TOR, to build your own house and farm - no one is against. The main thing is that everything is in accordance with the law, and then everyone is given complete freedom of action. There are already quite a few examples when free hectares became the basis for interesting and profitable projects in the neighboring regions of the Far Eastern District. A collection of these success stories may well be complemented by Trans-Baikal pages.

To take a hectare of land for use (and then for long-term lease or property), it is enough to register on the website of state services (this is a prerequisite at the start) and select a site via the Internet using the Federal Information System "NadalnyVostok.RF". If an applicant with a computer is "you", he will always be helped at the MFC. The personnel of the multifunctional centers of Transbaikalia have already undergone detailed instructions and practical trainings in a couple of summer months, all the necessary steps have been worked out, and the number one is ready to receive applications. From the moment of applying to the issuance of a contract for the free use of the site to a person, no more than 42 days should pass. This was stated by the head of the department of land relations and state property of the Trans-Baikal Territory Aleksey Khosoev. According to him, the regional administration went to meet the residents who plan to participate in the program and reduced the number of prohibited areas to a minimum. It is expected that the largest number of applications will be submitted in places such as Smolenka, Karpovka, Atamanovka, Uleta - affordable, convenient, with a well-developed infrastructure. It was considered inappropriate to create "buffer zones" even around Chita, the Chita region is completely open. All these measures should involve as many interested citizens as possible in the program.

However, future owners of free hectares also need to prepare. And before the responsible step, weigh the pros and cons, evaluate your strengths. Acting Governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Alexander Osipov admitted: some time ago, when he was his first deputy minister in the Ministry of Eastern Development, he himself thought about whether or not to become the owner of the Far Eastern hectare. But did not dare. I understood that it would simply not be able to actively use the land for 5 years - it is too busy with the main work. And now this step will not go either. “Trying to be a responsible person, I understand that it is unlikely that I can now equip my hectare with my family. Nevertheless, I wish success to all who will do it, ”says Osipov. “I would like to recommend Zabaikalians to carefully weigh everything,” he continues. - It is necessary to clearly understand how you will develop this hectare. This is a key moment, and there will be enough land for everyone. ”

The state, of course, is not limited to the simple registration of free hectares. Their owners will be given all the necessary assistance in building, developing and planning a business. This path has already passed other regions. The most successful models - for example, the experience of the Khabarovsk Territory - in Transbaikalia intend to adopt and develop, taking into account their specificity.

To help the owners of free acres, the Human Capital Development Agency in the Far East has developed a package of typical business plans and all the necessary recommendations for them. You can use them as a template - you just need to choose the right direction and adapt the project to the specific conditions of the region. In total, 36 of such typical free-hectare business plans has been published on the website of Far East. From the collection of wild plants to a mini-hotel, from a life house to a cattle-breeding farm. Possible expenses and incomes are estimated, recommendations are given. The state will provide owners of hectares not only “methodical”, but also financial support. For business, there are concessional loans, repayment of a part of the interest rate on a loan at the expense of the state, and property support.

According to Valentina Rudchenko, State Duma Deputy, member of the Committee for Regional Policy and Problems of the North and the Far East, the Far Eastern Hectare program will contribute to the development of Transbaikalia. And, most likely, there will be more people willing to get a free site here than in regions with a more severe climate. Especially since the program has already proved itself, many of the concerns of the people have disappeared. Valentina Rudchenko believes that in this way it will be possible to provide additional support to the agro-industrial complex of the region. “In the new regions of the FEFD, this program will provide opportunities for the development of vegetable growing and farming. In addition, they will begin to develop lands that have not been used before. The effect of this will get both people and the region. In this sense, we can talk about import substitution. All this will contribute to the cultivation of environmentally friendly products and food security, ”said the deputy of the federal parliament at a meeting held by the administration of Transbaikalia before the start of the program.

Since October 2016, when the “Far Eastern Hectare” program began to operate, more than 9 thousand people took part in 76 subjects of the FEFD, of which 52,6 thousand citizens have already received plots. Basically, they are residents of the Far East, for whom this measure of social support turned out to be necessary and timely. Apparently, Transbaikalia, too, will not be an exception and will be actively involved in the program.
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