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Transbaikalia launches its own TOP

The territory of advanced development in the Trans-Baikal Territory will be one, but universal

Transbaikalia launches its own TOP
If you want to help someone in need, give him not a fish, but a fishing rod. Old truth is constantly confirmed in a variety of situations and geographic coordinates. For the Far East, the territories of priority development have become such a “fishing rod” - the Torahs. They envisage sufficiently substantial tax breaks and economic preferences for resident companies, and also (which is especially important for remote and sparsely populated regions) - government assistance in creating the necessary infrastructure. The list of benefits and preferences is really significant, there are special pleasant “additions” for small and medium-sized businesses, in terms of financing projects, and so on. Over the five years of its existence, 18 of the Far Eastern TORs have proven their effectiveness. Their activities enabled the launch of the implementation of more than 1000 investment projects with a total volume of declared investments of more than 3 trillion rubles and the creation of about 125 thousands of jobs. Naturally, it didn’t do without problems, but in general, the TORs appeared very timely and in the right places: they gave a tangible impetus to improving the investment climate and the state of the district’s economy as a whole.

When two new regions — Transbaikalia and Buryatia — were included in the Far Eastern Federal District, it was immediately assumed that they could use this economic mechanism in the very near future. “TOR is a unique tool, in which there is little formalism and there are no contrived restrictions,” believes the Acting Governor of the Transbaikalia, Alexander Osipov, who, when he was his deputy, was closely involved in the development of such territories in the FEFD. In Transbaikalia, from the very beginning, it was supposed to create a single TOR, but to divide it into several promising sites, the list of which can be changed over time and, if necessary, supplemented. According to estimates by the acting governor, the TOR system will help attract about 2 trillion rubles of investments in Transbaikalia and create almost 10 thousands of new jobs. Experts believe that with a favorable economic development scenario, the figure will be even greater, which is especially important for a region with high unemployment. But even within the planned limits, this will make it possible to employ about a quarter (25%) of not employed able-bodied citizens. The TOP system will cover 24 municipal districts, including the metropolitan metropolitan area around Chita.

Already at this stage - while TOR has not yet earned - the interest in the mechanism was confirmed by 18 of large investment projects for an amount of investments of about 315 billion. Most of them represent the mining sector, partly agriculture and other areas. The government commission on the implementation of investment projects in the Far East has already promised future investors support from the federal budget for the construction of infrastructure - more than 6 billion rubles. This was announced by the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yury Trutnev. He explained: if the investor fails to implement the project and abandons it, the money will have to be returned to the budget. But, most likely, such precedents will not arise. The creation of TORs is considered by Trutnev to be one of the main “bonuses" that Transbaikalia will receive as a result of joining the Far Eastern District. By the way, in neighboring Buryatia, the scope of TORs still looks much more modest. the prospect of creating 4 jobs.

For the TOR in Transbaikalia, such conditional sites as Kodarsko-Udokanskaya, Krasnokamenskaya, Chita, Amazarskaya, Komsomolskaya, Pervomayskaya, Kranochikoyskaya and Baleyskaya will be used. In the Northern Transbaikalia, TOR residents expressed a desire to become the Baikal Mining Company and SUEK (Siberian Coal Energy Company) interested in developing the Udokan and Apsat deposits of copper and related precious metals. In the west of the region, the development of the Zashulansky and Kranochikoye coal deposits is planned, the development of the agricultural sector, the integrated development of agricultural land in the Ugdan Ring area, on the so-called “cabbage fields” around Chita and in the south. They were planned to be mastered as part of the “Housing for the Russian Family” program as early as 2015, but there was not enough money and effort. The Chinese partners will participate in the project of the Amazarsky LPK, the Nasedkinskoe gold deposit is waiting for its investors and developers. In addition, as confirmed by the media of the acting governor Alexander Osipov, it is planned to “restart” the already established TOR in Krasnokamensk and provide him with a “second wind” after the not very successful start under the former regional authorities. Interest in enterprises in Krasnokamensk is also demonstrated by subsidiaries of the Rosatom Corporation. As media reported, citing representatives of the administration of Transbaikalia, an investor from China also expressed a desire to build a pharmaceutical plant in Krasnokamensk. Other projects include a solid municipal waste landfill and waste sorting complex with advanced waste processing and production of recycled materials near Chita, a large-panel housing plant, the production of armored one-bucket front loaders, pellet production line, which is supposed to be exported to countries in Southeast Asia . There are also ideas for the future - the sports complex “Highlands”, the airports in Krasny Chikoye and Chita, the creamery in Pervomaiskoye, etc. The corresponding applications have already been submitted by large and medium-sized companies from other regions of Russia.

But, of course, the greatest return is expected from the TOP in the mining sector. Investors have announced that they are going to produce lead-zinc concentrate in Transbaikalia, develop the Nikolskoye deposit, and build a factory to extract gold from ore. On the basis of Verkhne-Aliinsky and Munginsky gold ore deposits, it was decided to begin construction of a mining processing enterprise. A promising project is the development of the Noyon-Tologoi polymetallic deposit.

According to estimates by Alexander Osipov, the region can count on at least 31 billion rubles to the regional budget in the form of tax revenues from residents of the TOP for 10 years. This is an absolute plus. The gradual development of infrastructure in the region, railways and highways, and the network of power lines will have a great effect - this is the best way to attract new investors. And in the foreseeable future, which is just around the corner. “The Far Eastern breakthrough to Transbaikalia is vital,” says the acting head of the region. - According to key socio-economic indicators, we should reach a level above the average in Russia. The use of Far Eastern development tools - TORs and not only - opens up good starting opportunities for this. ”
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