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300 IVFs per year

FPV resident helps to improve the demographic situation in the Far East

The Reproduction and Genetics Clinic of LLC NGC Vladivostok has become one of the leaders in its segment in the Primorsky Territory in less than a year. Its specialists provide all services known in the world in the field of assisted reproductive technologies, including those unique for the region, helping Russian and foreign couples to become happy parents.

300 IVFs per year
Photo: Courtesy of NGC Vladivostok, Reproduction and Genetics Clinic

The Next Generation Clinic of Reproduction and Genetics was founded five years ago in St. Petersburg by one of the best Russian specialists in the field of reproductive medicine, Doctor of Medicine Nikolai Kornilov and his partners. The second clinic appeared in Moscow, Vladivostok was chosen to open the third one because of the favorable geographical location of the Far Eastern capital. 

“Doctors of the NGC network of clinics help patients from more than 70 countries become parents. We actively cooperate with Chinese foundations in the field of reproduction and childbirth and help people from the PRC to become parents of healthy babies. In order to save the PRC residents' transportation costs and make prices lower than in the capital of our country, as well as to improve the demographic situation in the Far East, ten months ago we opened a clinic in Vladivostok, ”says the chief physician of NJC Vladivostok LLC, obstetrician gynecologist-reproductologist Galina Pologoiko.

To accompany foreign patients, NGC Vladivostok has a translation agency whose specialists speak Chinese, English and Korean, which allows it to provide decent medical care to foreign citizens.

“The special conditions of the free port of Vladivostok have created a favorable environment for business development in the region. Thanks to the program under an agreement on investment activities with the Corporation for the Development of the Far East, which we entered in September 2019, we were able to invest the money we earned in the development of the clinic by reducing taxation, ”says Galina Pologoiko.

The priority of NGC Vladivostok is high-quality infertility treatment, donor programs and surrogacy programs. The clinic was designed according to European standards and equipped with modern equipment.

“Our goal is to improve the demographic situation in Primorye and the Far East. Since the beginning of the work of the NGC Vladivostok clinic, we have already carried out more than 300 IVF programs, of which 60 are for residents of the PRC, ”says the chief doctor of the clinic. - We are the only ones in the Far East who carry out pre-implantation genetic diagnostics of embryos before transfer to the uterine cavity, which increases the chances of giving birth to genetically healthy children. We have the largest bank of donor oocytes, sperm and embryos in Russia. All our donors have been thoroughly examined, including for the carriage of monogenic diseases that are common in the population. "

The NGC Vladivostok clinic is the only one in the Far East that conducts the selection, examination and maintenance of programs using surrogate mothers. Every year, about 100 children are born in the NGC network of clinics with their help, including those under international programs. Surrogacy is completely legal in Russia, however, strict medical requirements and indications are still required to carry out these programs.

“In Vladivostok, we now have 27 pregnant surrogate mothers. It is important to note that our donors and surrogate mothers are thoroughly examined before joining the ART program and are distinguished by their sincerity, responsibility and beauty, ”concludes Galina Pologoiko.

Today, NGC Vladivostok employs 30 people, among whom are highly qualified doctors with many years of experience, including those who came to work in the Far Eastern capital from St. Petersburg. Regular training at international conferences helps the Primorsky team of the NGC Vladivostok clinic to improve professionally and solve complex problems. All new specialists of the clinic undergo compulsory training with leading reproductive specialists of the Russian NGC network in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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