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“Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will become exotic for the participants of the Children of Asia Games”

The master of sports of international class in ski racing Alexei Chernousov told how the competitors will like the city

Famous athletes of the Sakhalin region continue to reflect on how the Children of Asia international sports games will be useful for the region and how it can surprise the participants of the competition. The master of sports of international class, the winner of the Russian Cup and Eastern European Cup, the winner of the 2009 World University Games, the champion of the Russian armed forces, the champion of the Interior Ministry in cross-country skiing Alexei Chernousov moved to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk from Novosibirsk, and now stands for this region, he trains athletes . In an interview with EastRussia, he spoke about the advantages of holding the Games for children and adults, as well as about the advantages of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk over large cities.

"Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will become exotic for the participants of the Games
- Alexey, do you think, why hosting the “Children of Asia” games is cool for the Sakhalin Region?
- Because now we have a well-developed sports infrastructure, especially in the south of the island. Since the region is a bit cut off from the rest of Russia, communication with adjacent Asian regions becomes an excellent experience. Such competitions are a great platform for communication - for children, coaches and sports industry professionals. Also holding such competitions is a great opportunity to introduce athletes from other cities and countries to our region. For children, it is also an opportunity to communicate with peers, to compete with them. After that, many will have a desire to become stronger, better to speak.
- How will the Games be useful for the region?
- Residents of mainland Russia have a very vague idea of ​​Sakhalin, many even have no idea that Sakhalin is an island. And thanks to these Games, they will be able to come and see how things are going on, how life is going on the island, they will get acquainted with our snow, our tracks, and the sports infrastructure. Who knows, maybe someone will have a desire to come to preparatory sports events.
I hope that the holding of such competitions as "Children of Asia" will become a tradition for us and other regions of the Far East. It would be nice if such competitions were held on a regular basis for the children of the Far East, because for schoolchildren leaving for competitions in the European part of the country is a problem. The departure and change of time zones itself knock children out of the educational process, and study, in my opinion, should be in the first place. Holding the Far Eastern competitions will allow not to change the time zones and at the same time feel the competition.
- Do sports venues like the participants of the Games? Do they correspond to the international level of competition?
- Specially for these competitions on Sakhalin, new facilities are being built and existing ones are being put in order. I hope that everyone will have time to finish the Games. If we compare it with what I have seen in other regions and abroad, I think that everything should be fine with the sites. I saw the complexes under construction, I think that soon they will meet all the requirements. Hope everyone will appreciate it. The advantage is that our city is small, there are no problems with traffic jams - it is easy to get from one object to another.
- You have already touched the topic of the city itself. Do you think Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will be able to surprise guests from other cities and countries?
- For participants from other countries, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will become exotic. For Russian athletes, I think - too. I myself have been living here for the second year, and when I first went to Sakhalin, I imagined it as Chekhov’s: a provincial town, a backwater with barracks and a gloomy darkness. But when I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that the city looked decent enough, the impression was pleasant. I moved from the two millionth of Novosibirsk - a fairly developed city, and I can say that Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has its advantages over such large cities - as I said, accessibility, also conditions for children to play sports - all sections are available. And the city itself is very promising in terms of tourism. I think that such events as “Children of Asia” will spur further development: the participants, guests will talk at home about the city, thanks to this a positive idea of ​​it will be formed. I think that after this, many will want to come to us, go skiing and cross-country skiing.
- What do you think, what else, in addition to sports and organizational experience, will Sakhalin inherit from the Children of Asia Games?
- Infrastructure. Not only sports facilities are built for games, but also facilities for living. This will increase the number of rooms of hotels, hotels and hostels. I think that after the Games, tourists, athletes will not have such problems with living. I would like to see competition against this background and lower prices. This will help to compete with other resorts, including European ones.
- You train adult athletes. Tell me, will you follow the upcoming children's games?
- Of course, especially since the Sakhalin athletes will participate, I will follow them. In general, I am interested in the development of ski racing in the Far East, because it is impossible in this sense to consider Sakhalin as a separate region. For me, it is important to increase competition in cross-country skiing among children and adults in all subjects of the FEFD, so I will follow all Far Eastern athletes and support them.
- This applies only to cross-country skiing or will you also watch other sports?
- Basically, of course, I will follow the ski races, but biathlon is also interesting, because I have biathletes in my family. Also interesting are alpine skiing, freestyle. And they will definitely follow ski-cross - a very interesting discipline. The son is engaged in ski cross, but has not yet grown to participate in the Games "Children of Asia".
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