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Yuri Chekaldin: "This year's fishing is a success"

And about. Yury Chekaldin, head of the Okhotskrybvod FGBBU, about the fishery in the Magadan Region

Yuri Chekaldin: "This year's fishing is a success"
In the framework of the third WEF at the exhibition "Far East Street" everyone could try the best Far Eastern products. A variety of seafood was presented on the fish market, many of which are caught in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. And about. head of the Okhotskrybvod FGBU Yuri Chekaldin told EastRussia what fish catch this year in the Magadan Region, whether the region affected the law on "investment quotas" and how a cannery works.

- Yuriy Nikolayevich, tell us about the situation with fishing in the Magadan Region?
- It's hard for me to speak for all the fishermen, because I represent a government agency that deals primarily with the reproduction of fish and water resources. But as for fishing, this year it is quite successful - we caught more than 7 thousand tons of salmon. As a rule, a year can be called fruitful if there was a large catch of pink salmon. And here, for example, on Sakhalin serious problems with pink salmon. Forecasts were justified by less than 50%. Fishermen were preparing for the way, but there is no fish ...

- But did the fish come to the Magadan Region?
- Yes, it is very pleasing. In general, all species that were presented at Rybnaya Street at the fair within the framework of VEF-2017, are caught in our Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The only problem is that part of the enterprises registered in Magadan practically do not enter the city. I mean that our ship-repair factory does not work, the schools that trained the junior ship's staff also do not function. Therefore, it is more profitable for shipowners to hire crews in Primorsky Krai or on Sakhalin, Kamchatka. And there also serve their ships. Plus, because of the small population, we can not consume fully the entire volume of fish caught.

- Is it unprofitable to deliver fish to other regions?
"It's unprofitable, if overloaded in Magadan." Logistics is negative. It's another matter if the unloading goes directly to Nakhodka or other ports, in Vladivostok. Unfortunately, everyone now believes their money. This Soviet economy was planned: they built a plant in the central part of Russia and drove fish there. In 1982 I worked at the Tyumen fish processing plant, so I was carrying fish from the north, from the south, from the Baltic. All the forces were directed at ensuring that production was efficient and all capacities were loaded.

- Which caviar is bigger this year?
- The main product is, of course, pink salmon roe, caviar caviar, coho salmon roe less. All caviar of the listed fish is now present on the market. But the most delicious and not very large is the pink salmon roe. We do not have black caviar, now the whole sturgeon turnover has narrowed very much.

- Last year, a number of amendments were made to the Law "On Fisheries and the Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources". In particular, the notion of "investment quotas" was introduced to encourage the construction of new fishing vessels. Have you touched on these amendments?
- We have only a few large companies, and they must decide whether it is profitable for them or not. While all the ships, albeit with experience, successfully work. Now, in order to build a new ship, you need to take a large amount of money from the turnover, and only then you will receive a quota. There should be a state program that would take on some of the financing. Only a small proportion of companies are able to upgrade the fleet for their money.

- How is the science of forecasting fish catching developing now?
- I gave an example with Sakhalin, when the forecast for pink salmon was one, and the outcome turned out different. You understand, in order to give accurate forecasts, you need to regularly send scientific expeditions, where all kinds of fish from fry to adults will be carefully studied. If the funding is not very good, then from here problems arise in forecasting, it is difficult to calculate a mathematical model. In addition, the personnel question is of great importance when experienced specialists go on deserved rest, and they are replaced not always by competent employees.

- What future then waits?
- Balance and stability still exist. We need to look at the situation from the other side. At one time there was a ban on catching the North Okhotsk herring. But at this time there was a lot of pollock. These fish species are partially replaceable in nutrition. It turns out that while attention was paid to pollock, herring became better survival. That is, we must always find the best ways to solve the problem with the catch of a fish.

- In what condition is the canning plant now?
- Our cannery produces a minimum number of products. Some are exported. But it is profitable to take canned food, if there are state contracts, for some large structures. Now people buy canned food in smaller quantities than before. In our childhood, from canned fish, soups were always cooked, they were given on hikes. And they were then cheap. And now even such fish as saury - inexpensive in extraction - costs within 70-80 rubles, and sometimes even more. It is difficult to name a can of saury in 250 grams of cheap products.
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