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Ysyakh came to Europe

As the main holiday of Yakutia brings east and west

The most important holiday of Yakutia Ysyakh was celebrated in Zelenogradsky district of the Kaliningrad region. The name is literally translated from Yakut as "abundance" and for residents of the Republic of Sakha is akin to celebrating the New Year, only in the summer. Along with numerous guests, the EastRussia correspondent, who watched the rapprochement of the Far East and the West of Russia through the ancient national rites of the Yakut people, took part in the celebration.

Ysyakh came to Europe
To meet the Yakut "holiday of abundance" in the west of Russia is becoming a good tradition. In 2017 Ysyakh for the first time passed on the territory of the Kaliningrad region, and had great success with local residents. This year the holiday has reached the international level within the framework of the "Ysyakh in Europe" project, which was attended by residents of the Baltic countries, Poland, as well as Serbia, who previously lived in Yakutia and want to remember their roots
Tysyulge and Salama, Serga and Alaahim aha and other words familiar to Yakutians sounded from the mouth of the presenter, like magic spells, after which, however, a detailed explanation of the meaning of a rite followed. Equally fabulous and beautiful was the action itself, which unfolded in front of the audience, most of whom had not seen anything like it before. Particularly impressed by the participants of the event was the white crane dance - the Siberian Crane, the sacred bird of the Yakut people.
Come on holiday to see the rites of purification and blessing - Tyusyulge Ysyakh, sprinkling kumys Tyusyulge, install the totem tree Serge Yakuts, as well as "feeding" a fire that had white shaman Algyschit.

According to the organizer of the festival Vladimir Okoomova, head of the public organization "Cultural ties Kaliningrad - Yakutia - Northerners", this time for the celebration brought together more than 130 artists from Yakutsk, Nyurbinsky, Tatta, and other areas of the Republic of Sakha.
"Symbolically it turned out that" Ysyakh "united the east and west of our country, passing simultaneously in Vladivostok and Kaliningrad. This Yakut holiday was carried through thousands of years, he lives in each of us, with a feeling of great pride and responsibility for preserving his customs and rites, "Yuri Kupriyanov, Yakutia's permanent representative to the Russian president, said in his speech.

At the ceremony Alaahim aha all guests of the festival tried "white grace" - koumiss and traditional dishes of this people - cakes, salamats, foal, venison and the famous Yakut fish - chir.

During the Osuohai, a dance symbolizing prayer to the sun, the hosts and guests of the holiday, holding hands, formed a round dance. Alexander Torba, Minister for Municipal Development and Internal Policy of the Kaliningrad Region, did not stay aloof from this action either. In his opinion, the holding of such events as "Ysyakh" strengthens cultural ties between different regions of Russia, contribute to the enhancement of tourism attractiveness and the development of domestic tourism. 

Also at the festival were presented the exhibition "The Rite bride" and "Blessing of warrior to the PATH cases, a master class playing a musical instrument khomus and open lessons from the masters of folk art, and sports, including for mass-wrestling (Yakut. weight tardyhy - pulling the stick).

At the end of the holiday, the guests saw the theatrical performance "Creation of the Middle World" and a gala concert with the participation of creative collectives and performers of the national and cultural communities of the Kaliningrad region and Yakutia.
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