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Japanese Strategies

Tokyo and Niigata demonstrated results in the development of state strategic special zones

In Japan, they are actively developing documentation for the practical implementation of the opportunities provided by the law on state strategic special zones, adopted in December 2013. The greatest activity is manifested in the field of health and medicine. The development of industrial production is still beyond the attention of administrations.

Japanese Strategies

Tokyo State Strategic Special Zone

In December 2014, a long-term vision for the development of Tokyo was developed, which takes into account the activities to be carried out in preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the parameters for further economic development of the district.

In accordance with this concept, Tokyo should become the center of international business, the international financial center, the center of business development and the science of human life. One of the most important tools for achieving the goals of this concept should be the state strategic special zone in Tokyo.

Currently, the Tokyo State Strategic Special Zone is implementing the 24 project. Of these, 10 projects are being implemented in the field of urban modernization, 12 projects in the medical field, 1 project to create a business opening center in one window and 1 project to create an employment counseling center. The purpose of these projects is to create the basis for the rapid formation in Tokyo of a center for international business, accelerate the development of advanced medicine, speed up the procedure for opening a business.

Measures are being taken to increase the number of international entertainment events held in the city. For example, on 25 September a large-scale show "Japan night-2015" is planned, the economic effect of which should be 1 billion yen (8,3 million dollars).

Due to the involvement of highly qualified foreign medical specialists, it is planned to increase the number of citizens of foreign countries coming to Tokyo for treatment to 2016 a year by the year of 8640.

In the Toranomon area, construction of a complex of high-rise office buildings begins, premises in which it is planned to provide for foreign companies. In the area between Otemati-ku and Kabuto-te, the formation of an international financial center begins, where already in 2016 it is expected to attract the largest international banks and large world-class financiers. It is expected that this will contribute to the development of new business in Japan. In addition, international financial training centers will be located here, in which international level personnel for financial institutions will be trained.

6 medical institutions have already begun within the framework of easing restrictions on attracting foreign medical specialists to attracting such specialists and to developing advanced medicine. In accordance with the new conditions, the inspection time in them has been reduced from 6 to 3 months. Due to the removal of restrictions on bed capacity, the number of patients admitted to treatment has been increased in a number of hospitals - at Keio University Hospital from 14 to 536, the number of beds increased by 10, at Dzyuntendo Hospital at Dzyuntendo University School of Medicine - from 12 to 311 , the number of beds increased by 18, in the Ariake Hospital of the Cancer Center from 65 to 200, the number of beds increased by 12.

For the near future it is planned: to develop new projects to attract international financial institutions in Tokyo, to build a number of new hotels to receive a growing number of foreign tourists.

For the Tokyo center of business opening in one window, the administration of the capital district together with the government develops documents to simplify the procedure for registration of legal entities, the translation of all application documents into English, permission for permanent residence of lawyers. Applications were filed to reduce the tax on legal entities in order to increase the inflow of foreign investment to Japan.

A proposal has been prepared to include additional 53 municipalities in the Tokyo strategic zone. As a result, the number of municipalities that make up the zone will increase to 62.

A request has been made to create a special agricultural zone in the suburbs of Tokyo, in which a new model of agriculture, urban agriculture, will develop.

State Strategic Special Zone in Niigata

In the zone of the city of Niigata, the restriction on various types of agricultural activities for non-agricultural companies and enterprises is being carried out reliably.

As a result, 7 companies joined the agricultural activities, which took in the city to process 13 ha of agricultural land. In the future they plan to start processing 205 ha. Their activities should promote the revitalization of processing of agricultural products, its sale to increase the export of rice, reduce the area of ​​unprocessed land.

The network company of 24-hour shops "Lawson" for the first time in Japan, based on the amendment of the law on agriculture, creates its own agrofarm.

The brewing company Niigata Biuro has started the creation of a pig farm, a pork processing enterprise and the sale of finished products, as well as the creation of a pasture farm. Niigata Kubota is starting to grow wheat on unused land, as well as to grow rice for export.

The company "Saven Famu Niigata" begins to develop agricultural production with little impact on the environment, as well as with the utilization of food industry waste.

The company "ars-dining" starts to participate in the cultivation and sale of elite strawberry varieties and to the production of bean curd tofu.

The company Ai-Efu-Esu netto raifu Niigata promotes the employment of people with disabilities and proceeds to processing and selling figs.

The creation of enterprises in the above industries is reduced from 20 to 6 days.

Since 21 January of this year, the application of a guarantee system for loans extended to agricultural enterprises began. During this time, this system was applied 7 times, and the amount of financing was 130 million yen (1,08 million dollars).

Based on the decision to ease restrictions on the creation of farm restaurants, Fujita Famu opened a dairy cafe, which serves dairy products from its own farm and a steak restaurant, to which meat is also supplied from its own farm. The Kizuna Corporation has opened a Chinese restaurant, whose products come from its own farm. The company "Wai-Esu Agripuranto" opened a cafe of sweets, which serves strawberries grown on its own fields, as well as an Italian kitchen restaurant, where vegetables from its own farm are supplied.

New catering establishments continue to open, using agricultural products grown by local farmers. The production of products with high added value is increasing, the incomes of farmers are increasing, the personnel flows are becoming more active.

The intention to work in the agricultural sector of the special zone of Niigata was declared by large companies of national scale. Thus, the mobile communication company "Dentsu" signed an agreement with the city administration on research in the field of genetic engineering and participation in projects to increase the value added of agricultural products. The company "Kurunabi" signed a similar document on advertising of agricultural products of Niigata and about participation in the development of tourism. "Panasonic" company, using its experience in the field of building construction, has started construction of a complex for growing greenery indoors, which should ensure production of products with high added value and lower production costs. The mobile communication company Dokomo has signed an agreement with the city administration on the introduction of a system of electronic sensors for the state of water in rice fields, which should improve the efficiency of rice growing in the prefecture. The Ishikavajima Harima Company creates a tracking system from space for field conditions, which should also improve the efficiency of agricultural production.

In October, an employment counseling center will be created, which should provide the new cadres that are being created with workers. It will also clarify the rights and obligations of employers and employees, which should lead to a reduction in social tensions.

Kansai State Strategic Special Zone

There is a formation of a base of international innovations in the field of medicine. Within the framework of this work, conditions are being formed for the development of restorative medicine and other advanced medical technologies, the creation of modern medicines, and the implementation of modern medical research.

Conditions are being created for the formation of an international city in which a favorable environment will be created for the conduct of international business and the concentration in it of highly qualified personnel for international companies.

Hospitals of the Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University, the State Center for Blood Circulation Research and the Faculty of Medicine of Kyoto University, have already used the right to shorten inspections from 6 to 3 months.

Since October of the current year, the company “Nooto” has commissioned the first hotel in the area of ​​the Castle Shoyama on the basis of a change in the hotel management law, regarding the use of buildings of historical value. For the accommodation of guests, traditional Japanese houses that are currently vacant will be used. This is expected to attract additional foreign tourists to the region.

7 In January, 2015 in Osaka began working as an employment counseling center. Preparations are underway for the opening of the first private international school in Japan. The first kindergarten will open in October in the Osaka metropolitan area using a simplified registration scheme. Companies providing family services submitted applications to the hiring of foreign medical specialists to the administration of the Osaka metropolitan district.

In Kyoto's research laboratories, foreign experts are admitted to research in the field of stem and blood cells.

The Kobe Ophthalmological Center received permission to increase the bed capacity for 30 beds and to increase the number of specialists of physicians and researchers, including foreigners. The construction of the new center blocks will begin in 2016 and will be completed in 2017. In it, for the first time in the world, retinal treatment based on stem cells will be started and other technologies of modern medicine introduced.

Later in Kobe it is planned to create a powerful center of modern medical technologies, which will include 7 specialized medical institutions with a total of 1400 beds.

In many rural areas of Hyogo Prefecture, the creation of farmer restaurants begins.

Measures are being developed to enhance the use of hydrogen for energy purposes.

Prefecture Hyogo is preparing for the transfer of unused agricultural land in the category of industrial, which will allow for an increase in 8 years in areas for industrial development.

State Strategic Zone in Fukuoka

In April of the year 2015, an employment counseling center was created, for 3 month of activity, over 400 consultations were held.

Also in April, a café of startups was created, in which over 650 consultations and 241 event took place, during which more than 4800 people took part.

Work is underway to create a favorable climate for global business.

The restrictions on the height of buildings in the airport area, as well as restrictions on the density of urban development, have been lifted. This should contribute to the revitalization of construction. It is planned for 10 years to build 30 high-rise buildings. For 10 years, the economic effect of investment in construction should be 290 billion yen (2,4 billion dollars). The effect caused by construction in other industries should be 850 billion yen (7 billion dollars).

In connection with the anniversary of the establishment in the city of the state strategic special zone during 2 months, 14 events were held, in which representatives from all over the country took part.

The task is to accelerate globalization, in connection with which it is stipulated:

Creating a one-stop shop for opening a business;

increased involvement of foreigners to train employees in emerging industries;

removal of restrictions on the attraction of foreign teachers of English;

Expansion of hiring of foreign medical workers;

Holding sectional meetings on start-ups.

In order to strengthen international competitiveness in information technologies and to accelerate the growth of production in this area, the tax on legal entities of start-ups is reduced, which should be lower than in Singapore. Currently, state and local taxes amount to 32%, while in Singapore - 17%. In the special zone of Fukuoka, he will be below 17%.

The State Strategic Special Zone in Narita

Currently, the zone is preparing for the construction of new medical institutions, in which, in addition to treatment with modern medical methods, highly qualified medical personnel will be trained, the latest medical research will be carried out, and new medical preparations will be developed. It is also planned to create a training center for training medical staff to work on modern medical equipment.

Begins the implementation of the project to create an airport city. The project involves the functional integration of the city with the airport in order to improve the quality of passenger service and to attract an additional stream of tourists.

By easing restrictions on the registration of foreign workers, it is planned to increase the number of foreigners employed in the airport economy and in tourism companies, as well as the number of foreign pilots.

Since 3 January, the tourist service for transit passengers has started. Efforts are being made to develop sports tourism. As of August 2015, an American athletics team has been invited to Narita, and an international youth baseball tournament will be held in August.

Conditions are being created to facilitate the export through Japan of Japanese agricultural products for export. All registration will be carried out on the principle of one window, the term of the procedure for processing the export of products will be reduced from 7-4 days to 3 days.

It is proposed to create a test range in the airport area for unmanned aerial vehicles.

State Strategic Special Zone in Sinagawa Prefecture

In connection with the aging of the population, the focus in the prefecture is on health issues. The creation in the prefecture of a state strategic special zone should promote the introduction of modern medical technologies. To this end, research will be expanded in the field of stem cells, the use of robotics to assist the elderly and the sick, the introduction of monitoring medical equipment, the use of healthy fruits and vegetables, the support of physical culture will be intensified. The task is to transform the prefecture into a territory with the longest life in the country.

In accordance with the development plan for the zone, projects are being developed for the construction of a cancer research center, a branch of the Tokyo State University Hospital is planned to be located and the clinic groups will be located at the Yokohama City University.

Within the framework of the development of the state strategic zone, it is planned to build in Yokohama an innovative nano-treatment center and an innovative human life center.

Based on the change in the law on health insurance, it is planned to develop flexible insurance rates, according to which people who lead a healthy lifestyle will pay at a lower rate than those who do not pay attention to their health. Currently, the proposal for flexible tax rates for companies is under discussion. It is proposed to increase tax rates for companies that do not create healthy conditions for the activities of their employees, and, conversely, reduce for those who create healthy conditions. The income received from the difference in taxation is proposed to be used to assist the elderly.

Also in the process of discussion is the project to create in Fujiwas a center for robotics to help patients and the elderly, the construction of new preschool children's institutions is planned, and from October this year a simplified scheme for registering kindergartens and nurseries is being introduced.

State Strategic Special Zone in Yabu (Hyogo Prefecture)

Back in August 2013, the Yabu city administration proposed to amend the law on agricultural lands in order to transfer the right to transfer agricultural land from the agriculture committees to local administrations. In March 2014, the city administration set up a zone for reforming agriculture in the Nakayama district. During the 2014 year, the administration conducted intensive negotiations with the committees on agriculture. From June 2014 to June 2015, 7 rounds of negotiations were held, following which an agreement was reached to change the order of the division of powers to manage agricultural lands.

Taking into account the aging of the population (in Yabu the proportion of elderly people exceeds 35%), the time of the center for retraining elderly people has been increased.

The measures taken by the Yabu administration within the framework of the state strategic special zone are aimed at returning to the agricultural turnover of unused land, to simplify the transfer of agricultural land. The process of land re-registration was reduced to 12 days. New rules for transferring land for 8 months have been used 27 times. The area of ​​the transferred land was 8 ha.

8 companies entered agricultural production, including Sinto Gumi, Kinki Kubota, Furui Kensetsu. In cooperation with Mizuho Bank 20 October 2014 established a fund to support agricultural enterprises in the amount of 200 million yen (1,6 million Dollars).

The city administration decides whether to grant the right to own agricultural land to non-agricultural companies and enterprises, which should ensure the return to agricultural circulation of currently unused lands.

In cooperation with Mitsui Busan, a project is being explored using unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver medicines to residents of remote mountainous settlements.

In the city of Samboku, Miyagi Prefecture is proposed to create an additional state strategic special zone, in which ecological tourism and medical exchanges are proposed as a development priority, to develop the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor the situation in remote mountainous and forest areas. It is also proposed to use the hot mineral springs available in the area of ​​the city 8 for physiotherapy treatment, including foreign patients. The region has the largest mineral water surface in Japan, including one of two sources in Japan, whose water contains radium.

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