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Legal herbs and art-provocations

Khabarovsk creates an audacious author's measure on what he sees around and grows under his feet

Taiga wildcats are not dull packs on chemist's shelves. Khabarovsk is not "three mountains, two holes". In an interview with EastRussia, a young designer Jana Jan-Sha talks about native herbalism, HLS as a means of reflection and a new Far Eastern brand from the streets.  

Legal herbs and art-provocations
Photo: Elena Vertyankina
Tea without ceremony


"I've always been interested in tea culture, perhaps the roots make themselves felt. My great-grandfather is a purebred Chinese, Zhang. And Dzhan-Sha is the surname, under which, in such a distorted form, one day our family was recorded in the passport office. From school I liked to drink green tea, it seemed some special aesthetics. And just after school, like many others, I did not know what to do. Entered the Russian State Social University in Moscow, received a diploma in public relations.

At first I had an idea to create an author's merchandise, souvenirs with symbols. I made postcards, clothes, and once participated in the Christmas fair. Then, when in the winter of 2015, an ice rink was opened on the Quay of the Cupid, I was invited to create a carriage with postcards and cones. I only bought three cards. And in the neighborhood there were guys-coffee pots, and they had a mountain of money by the evening. 

I was already interested in Far Eastern plants and decided to brew herbs. True, buyers, seeing the thermos with a description, were afraid for the contents. Many found out that we did not have the usual black tea bags, turned around and left. Or they said: “What kind of ginger is this? I do not need it". Or: "Why is your tea hot?" Or: “Lemongrass? Oh, I don’t need my headache. ” People showed unpreparedness. I thought for a long time how to show that wild plants are useful. And one day it dawned on me: it could be a series of drawings, Asian kawaii: making a batch of berries and herbs, and drawing prototypes on a card next to it. The first thing I drew was lemongrass.


Once I came to a pharmacy, and there is a huge showcase of plants, various collections. I bought several packs and asked: what is local, what grows here? The pharmacist laid out a whole assortment in front of me. I bought it and began to read about properties at home. I started with pharmacy packaging, with boxes. I downloaded the documents. I read serious works written at a scientific level. Plus, I consult with biologists.

I began to show people my drawings, the reaction was very good. I tried it on souvenirs. When I was in China, I ordered thermoses. I showed the person from whom I buy different ivan-teas (he helps me with his people in harvesting new grasses), and he says: "A cool topic! And why do not you do it? "I say:" No money. " He replied: "Let's put it in, I will implement it myself, but as sales will be, you will return."

Box with stereotypes


“Many people think that herbal teas and plants are something associated with a disease, or with some half-crazed hermit grandmothers. I think you need to break these patterns. There is caffeine in black and green tea - this is not cool. Herbal teas do not give such a strong effect. In addition, people buy packaged black tea of ​​unknown origin, with dyes, artificial flavors, in which caffeine may no longer exist, although what is pleasant and useful grows under our feet! And if plants are used as medicine, why not drink them for slightly different and not get sick at all?

I try not to classify my berry and herbal fees by action, but just make drinks. If you do not have enough energy - here is a tincture on the root of aralia, you feel that you are sick - you drank raspberries or willows, this is natural aspirin. If a person is on the nerves, linden and mint bring him back to himself. When you sit at your computer with green tea, and constantly sip, it seems to be easier. Although it may be a spinner or Placebo effect. "

Yearly and Funny 


“I paint anthropomorphic plant characters under my own brand Kabarga-herbalist (not to be confused with a commodity expert, a lawyer and a herbivore - the author’s request). Many in the city already know me as Jan-Kabarga. I'll tell you about the most interesting.

Raspberry is such a fitonyshka, because raspberry is a female berry, promotes our health, strengthens genital organs, and it has a good reputation. I humanized her, or, she's so cool, princess, flirtatious. 


Lipa, she seemed to have turned out to be a nun, this drawing in social networks has a lot of likes, apparently, the lime-tree is well known. 

Aralia ... you know, I would not want all the characters to be the same, sweet, and in general the "Kabarga" I began to study, because I want freedom. And I came back to the Far East, because you can do anything at all, and this is my project, I take and come up with an aralia that looks like some kind of a stump that yells into the microphone-berry!


I painted Cheryusha as a cult plant for the Far East, and here it is reflected that if you eat wild garlic, then it should be done by a couple, or it is impossible to kiss. And they are kissing here. At the fairs a lot of cards with a dog rose are bought. Apparently, he is also very well treated. At me he is charming-fat.

Schisandra is an embodiment of wretchedness in a good sense, it is assumed that he is programming and working on a laptop, the liana is feeding the head. 

The fern I have is a snowboarder.


I would like people to treat wild plants like healthy energy drinks, or like chewing gum. I try to eat dried lemongrass berries when I feel like I need some kind of nourishment at work when I'm tired. I have sample tubes. It looks quite provocative, attracted attention at festivals, especially those with green grass inside.


So, I had the idea to make a brand in my drawings. This freedom: I myself am the customer and the performer, I myself embody, the way I want.



"There are two sides to my work - one such sweet girl, the other more daring, hooligan. Khabarovsk needs its current youth brand! 


Here is the Khayalofsk cap, this is a fake that counterfeits a fake. Here is a series of T-shirts and sweatshirts with the cultural codes of the city's districts, the decadent center, the first ripped mikraha, and so on. This is silk screen printing on 100% cotton. I make collages, for example, the collective image of Miss and Mr. Far East; I order thermoses made of eco-friendly plastic with my own symbols; write stickers. Here is the golden Korean mayonnaise I drew. You say he looks like an astronaut. 

Plus, I constantly monitor what is in the trend, and sometimes I do not understand where I am anymore, but where I put that on. This can make a very good income for bread, but I realized that I'm motivated not by money, but by the process itself. On the way, I get a lot of noah, that's why so much, I spend a lot of time and resources. Probably, one day a period will come when the money for me will be more important when there will be a family, children. But for now I treat this as a way, as an exciting life adventure.

I continue to work as a regular designer of one of the agencies, and have free time. I take freelancing, sometimes some commercial illustrations. Here, recently, a guide to Chukotka and the Khabarovsk Territory drew. Sometimes I have chaos in my head, and I try to systematize it somehow. Here's about herbal teas - you can make a tea room or chill out. I thought that it would be cool to shoot a cartoon about the Far East with such characters. I keep all kinds of ideas in my head, so as not to get too deep into art, but not to become a merchant. I thought about opera and ballet.

There is such a cool brand “I'm Siberian”, this is a large-scale project, with its own style, font, wide geography of stores. Probably, my project is similar in spirit, but I am not ready to cram myself into any one style, although, perhaps, from the point of view of commerce, this is a minus. I am having fun, as I can. As the band “Drugs” sang - “entertain yourself, nobody will help you”.

Everything I do, I do with the support of a variety of people I turn to for advice, designers, art directors, and just my friends. At one of the youth forums this year, experts predicted a great future for me. I was given funds that I should spend on registering a trademark, for my author's illustrations. This is in perspective. In general, if someone takes my drawings and somehow makes money on them, I will consider it a great success, because it means that I am on the right track! "

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