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Yakut outbreak

Why did thousands of residents of Yakutia going to the sports complex "Triumph"

March 19 in the sports complex of Yakutsk gathered, according to various estimates, from 5 to 7 thousands of excited residents of the republic, mostly men. The reason for the meeting was not a sport, but a crime: on the eve of the social network of Yakutia they filled in videos calling for a boycott of people from Kyrgyzstan. The trigger was the rape of a resident of Yakutsk, in which a Kyrgyz was suspected. EastRussia understood why the Yakut outbreak happened.

Yakut outbreak
Photo: Vadim Scriabin


According to investigators, on the night from Friday to Saturday 17 in March, an 23-year-old migrant from Kyrgyzstan dragged an 36-year-old Yakut into a car, drove him to the garage and raped him. Then the young Kirgiz brought the woman to the workshop and left with two acquaintances, the woman managed to escape and inform the law enforcement agencies. 

The next night after the news of the crime, about 100-200 men from the local population gathered on Komsomolskaya Square in Yakutsk. The Head of the Administration of the Head and Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Fedor Borisov addressed them. He asked the locals to go home, as they gathered spontaneously, breaking the law. The official also invited everyone to the action - the March 19 event, which will be held at Triumph. 

All day on Saturday and Sunday, local communities and groups in the WhatsApp messenger literally buzzed from reports of a large influx of migrants, arrogance and humiliation of the honor of the local population, declaring a boycott to businessmen from Central Asia. On the network, there were messages about a call for a nationwide rally, videos taken on mobile devices, where they defiantly mocked migrants.

The media, in turn, quoted the report of the Yakut Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee, which stated that out of 296 crimes against sexual integrity and sexual freedom committed in the republic in 2018, only four episodes of newcomers were attracted. 

The position of a public organization that calls itself as a community of patriots "Us Tumsuu" appealed to emotions: the messages were addressed primarily to Yakut men who are obliged to protect women, their homeland. The public activists who initiated the rally were convinced that they were right, actively demonstrating “patriotism and love for the Motherland”. On the day of the rally, amateur videos were also distributed about how men (from the video it is clear that local ones) conducted “conversations” with visiting merchants, calling for business to be closed and leave the republic. 

Those captured on the video were addressed by the head of the capital's police, Nikolai Kulbertinov, during a meeting with public figures in Yakutsk. “I would like to appeal to them and, in general, to all citizens with the following words - this bravado with which you enter the booths and say,“ Don't work here, this is wrong. Young people perceive this as a game and think that by doing so we are protecting our people. But no, from the point of view of the Criminal Code, this is an offense, ”said Nikolai Kulbertinov. “I ask you, Innokenti Fedorovich (Innokenty Makarov, leader of the movement. - EastRussia), to warn young people not to get involved in these conflicts and not to be provoked. We all remember how 80-s young people took to the streets, many destinies were broken, someone even went to prison. We must take care of our youth. ” 

Ksenia Baisheva, leader of the Sakha Omuk public organization of Yakutsk:

“The earth is round, it is one, and we live in one society. It seems to me that we all need to do a lot of work with young people so that they don’t flaunt [aggressive attacks] from any side [of nationality and diaspora]. There is such a Yakut proverb - “One-Noobout ҥus Buolar” - do not play with fire ”. 


A mass rally at the Triumph sports complex 19 in March, where men gathered from all the neighboring uluses of the republic, mostly ethnic Yakuts, can be considered the apogee of popular activity. Before the crowd of indignant men had to speak the mayor of the city of Sardane Avksenteva, head of the region Aisen Nikolaev. 

The leaders promised to solve the problem of illegal migration. The mayor argued that the republic "needs to restore order." “Our patience is exhausted. We are in our homeland, in our city, as the masters of our land, and we need to bring this in, ”said Avksentyeva. 

In the evening, on her Facebook page, she published a post, noted that she drew the attention of the audience to “the problems of illegal and shadow business, which will create fertile ground for all kinds of abuses, corruption, crimes, including against the individual, generates impunity, violations of migration, tax and labor legislation ”. Sardaana Avksentieva promised to organize unscheduled inspections of catering, wholesale and retail trade, taxi services for compliance with tax, migration, sanitary and other legislation. “By knocking out illegal economic ground from under the feet of such pseudo-entrepreneurs and non-transparent ethnic business, we will be able to put some order in these issues. A real master in a city, republic, country, this is how he should act - by legal and economic methods, ”she said. 

Aysen Nikolayev, who was demanded by the participants of the rally, acted as the headliner of the event, which put an end - “we will restore order”. The head of Yakutia announced that the criminal will be judged to the fullest extent of the law. Migrants who violate the law, he said, will be punished in Yakutsk, and not deported to Kyrgyzstan. Aysen Nikolaev also urged not to allow mob and unlawful actions. He concluded his speech before the crowd with the Yakut exclamation “Urui-Aikhal” (expresses approval with a touch of praise). 

For the Yakut outrage, only one criminal episode with a migrant was enough. It turns out that the situation was tense to such an extent that a single signal, instantly propagated through instant messengers, is enough. At the same time, the authorities seemed to have been waiting for this moment: the officials called upon the citizens to be masters of their land, stop illegal business, and were set for the day after the rally to start intensified checks among migrants. The question arises: what prevented the organization to control the illegal business earlier? However, there is already nothing to check: the next day after the meeting in Triumph, almost all the vegetable and fruit stalls where people from Central Asia traded were closed, and have not opened until now. 

Of course, what happened divided the inhabitants of Yakutia into those who supported the initiators of the rally, and those who were opposed, expressing a position in the network or in a circle of relatives. But I recall the sociological data of the Levada Center dated August 2018, where a sharp increase in internal xenophobia in Russia was shown. So, 19% of citizens approve of the idea of ​​“Russia for Russians”, and 67% of the country's residents believe that the government should limit the influx of migrants. 


The total number of people from Kyrgyzstan living in Yakutia, according to official data, does not exceed 10 thousand people (the total number of labor migrants is about 22 thousand people according to the results of 2018 year). Kirghiz well accustomed in Yakutia. They are going to the northern Russian region long before the implementation of the EEU policy. Their niche is the sale of fruits and vegetables, goods from China, and taxi services.

Deputy Chairman of the Kyrgyz Migration Service, Samat Toktobolotov, said that they had met with a suspect in the remand prison. He admits guilt and is ready to contribute to the investigation. The official noted that all residents of Kyrgyzstan condemn this crime, as well as the diaspora in Yakutia. 

At a meeting with a delegation from Kyrgyzstan, the mayor of Yakutsk, Sardana Avksentiev, said that the high-profile situation in the city has economic, rather than nationalistic, prerequisites. Avksentieva noted that toughening measures against illegal migration and illegal business can be one of the mechanisms in the fight against crime.

The head of Yakutia said that he understood the motives of the citizens: “We are not opposing representatives of a certain nationality - we are against illegal migration, against crime, no matter what nationality it is”. 

Deputy Chairman of the State Migration Service under the Government of Kyrgyzstan, Samat Toktobolov, said in Yakutsk that work will continue to open home-training centers in Kyrgyzstan, where anyone who wants to go to work can get all the information about the country, the region where he will work to study its features and customs. , history. Delegates also recommended that the local diaspora establish a system of control over entering citizens so that each migrant feels responsible not only before the law, but also before his compatriots. 

“We ask the Yakut people to accept sincere apologies and find the strength to continue our centuries-old friendship. It is important to draw a line between real criminals and ordinary people who work honestly on this land, ”the words of Samat Toktobolov are quoted by the media. 

Daniyar Baytuguev, leader of the Kyrgyz diaspora in Yakutia:

“Today what happened in Yakutia is the main topic in the mass media and social networks of Kyrgyzstan. At first, everyone simply condemned the criminal and expressed sympathy for the victim. But lately this has been turning into politics, everyone is starting to draw their own benefit from it. I would like to urge everyone not to inflate this topic "

Time will show how long the interest of local authorities, regulatory authorities will last, in order to get an illegal business out of the shadows. Meanwhile, foreign media and human rights activists are expected to arrive in Yakutia. 

It turns out, inflated?

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