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Yakutia is "digitized"

The investment profile of the region abounds in IT and technology projects

Yakutia is "digitized"

Yakutia, rich in natural resources, traditionally arouses great interest of investors in the field of mining. The republic is facing a big task - to diversify its economy and change its attitude towards the region.

The number one task in this direction has already been defined: Yakutia should become a modern center of the processing industry in the Far East. It is planned to create a powerful processing cluster in the south of Yakutia. Today, projects are being considered for the creation of the Tommot industrial hub in the Aldan region, where it is envisaged to create facilities for the production of basalt materials and wood processing. In Neryungri, thanks to Japanese investors, it became possible to implement a project to assemble gas turbine equipment at the Yakutugol repair plant. There are projects for the development of coal chemical production.

In addition, Yakutia is upholding the right to create a diamond-diamond cluster (ABC) on its territory. Now more than 90% of Russian diamonds are mined on the territory of Yakutia, and the share of the Russian Federation in world diamond production is 37%. At the same time, the total of 0,3% is the share of the Russian Federation in the production of diamonds and 0,1% - in the production of jewelry. The main goal of the ABA project is to create a system for the full life cycle of high value-added products.

New old technologies

In recent years, Russia has begun to attach great importance to the development of advanced technologies. Basalt technologies are the sphere in which Russia still holds the leading positions. The processing of basalt began in the USSR at the end of the 1970s, while basalt fiber was produced in small quantities, and almost all products were used for the needs of the defense industry.

Now technologies can be used in various fields. In fact, basalt continuous fiber has an unusually wide range of applications in various industries: petrochemical industry, metallurgy, building structures, energy, automotive and others.

Over the past 10 years, Yakutia has gained tremendous experience in the use of composite-basalt technologies in industrial and civil construction. Basalt-plastic reinforcement is much lighter and stronger than iron, so its use is not limited to climatic conditions. This has been tested in Yakutia, where the average winter temperature is –40 ° C.

Technologies of basalt materials and experience of Yakutia in this area will be used to increase the export potential of the Russian Federation. The tasks of Yakutia in this direction are fully supported by the Minsk region.

Checked in Yakutia

The cold, which has always been a natural barrier to the development of Yakutia, can help create a new investment-attractive brand Tested in Yakutia. The annual range of temperatures in the region reaches 100 ° C. In the beginning of August a strategic session "Foresight Fleet" was held in the republic with the participation of representatives of government, business and science. At the event, one of the groups presented a very unexpected project - “Yakutia - a testing ground for Arctic technologies”. The authors of the project propose to use the unique climatic conditions of Yakutia to organize testing and testing centers for equipment, machinery and equipment in extreme weather conditions. The main idea of ​​the project - what works in Yakutia, works everywhere.

One of the initiators of this project was the Minister of Economy of the Republic Valery Maksimov. He believes that it is necessary to change the consciousness of people. Of course, it is necessary to update thinking and conceptual approaches to Russian and foreign investors. Our usual question addressed to the investor: "What will you do for the republic?" - should be replaced by: "What can we do for you?" The experience of the regions shows that the regions have reached success with new thinking.

Director General of the Agency for Investment Development of the RS (Y) Alexei Zagorenko told how to make the republic more attractive to investors: "If we compare with other regions, we are just beginning to open ourselves to investors. At this stage it is important for us to ensure the recognition of the republic, thereby increasing the level of trust. This is facilitated by visits, forums, the establishment of friendly and informal relations. Invest will be in the region they trust. " If until recently the republic has focused on raw materials projects, now it tries to promote projects in the sphere of processing, agriculture and high technologies on a par with them.

Entering the global IT market

To date, the country has accumulated sufficient experience in the IT industry. There are many examples when the Yakut developers came out with their product to the international market, while passing the Russian market. There is a need to create an IT park for the targeted export of intelligent products. This idea is especially relevant in the light of the remoteness of the region - when the products of the IT industry are exported, distances do not play a big role.

The creation of an IT park (with a total area of ​​10 000 sq. M.) Will increase the number of jobs in the IT industry to 1500, and the number of companies - up to 100. It is assumed that the cost of this facility will be about 800 million rubles. The calculated profitability of IT-park products to 2016 will be 1,5 billion rubles, and taxes will be paid to 500 million rubles.

At the recent economic council under the government of the republic, the concept of development of IT-technologies in the region was approved. The authors of the project are sure that this will allow to get an economic effect in Yakutia and bring it to the global market in the field of software development. Director of the industrial park "Yakutia" Anatoly Semenov noted that "IT-industry is not just a dictate of the time. This is one of the chances to participate in the export of products, and the remoteness of Yakutia here does not matter. Especially we need to understand that with the introduction of sanctions we must develop our own, Russian software. "

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