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Farm berry. Crypto currency - also

In Primorye will create a farm for the production of Coinberry crypto currency

In Primorye, a unique project will be launched, combining cutting-edge technologies in the agro-industrial sector with the digital economy - the Coinberry cryptoferm. The company will grow strawberries, produce cheeses and generate crypto currency. How to combine agriculture and mining, EastRussia told co-founder of the project Oleg Kotelnikov.

Farm berry. Crypto currency - also
Photo: courtesy of Oleg Kotelnikov
- How did you come up with the idea to build a cryptoferm in Primorye?

 - I have been engaged in various IT projects for a long time, so this area is close to me and understandable. I wanted to come up with a project that combines renewable energy, digital economy and advanced technologies in the agro-industrial and manufacturing sectors of the economy, to enter it with the market and become popular. Synthesis of these solutions, still unused in the world, reduces risks and minimizes costs. Already there are requests for the purchase of a franchise, which means that our idea is in demand on the market. Such projects do not need loans and considerable government support, because this is a fully self-financed business. We want to become an example for other entrepreneurs. Our project in all senses is unique, and has no analogues in the world.
- Where will the crypto-farm be built, and what will be included in the production complex?

 - For the construction of the farm, we chose the Spassky District. We plan to obtain the land within the framework of the Far Eastern Hectare program. The year-round strawberry greenhouse will be heated by the crypto farm, which in turn will receive electricity from our own solar power plant, which requires a large number of sunny days to operate efficiently. It is the Spassky district that is the most successful in terms of this parameter: in this area the number of sunny days per year is more than 250 days, and the sun's rays fall at the optimal angle for the maximum efficiency of the solar power plant - 45 degrees. For example, in Razdolnoye, the efficiency for solar panels will be about 30% lower. Primorsky Krai is one of the few regions of Russia where solar energy is justified.

We have already held a tender and have chosen the company "Hevel" as a supplier of solar equipment for the power plant. She is one of the most authoritative in her industry. About two hectares will occupy solar panels, and one hectare will be occupied by the greenhouse itself. Next to it we will build a cheese factory and a production building, where we will place the crypto equipment and office equipment. A small settlement will be built for the living conditions of our employees.
- What is the capacity of a solar power plant to fully provide such an energy-intensive event as mining? And how will this work at night?

 - The power of the solar station will be 1 MW. The power of the cryptoferm is about 700 kW.

We calculated the capacity of the farm so that it would match the power consumption and the heat energy that is needed to heat the greenhouse. In addition, the system of solar collectors, which we plan to put into the complex, will serve to heat the water for pre-heating of the greenhouse in winter. At night, of course, the mine is also needed, otherwise the profitability will decrease, so we will connect to the central power grids.
- Why did you decide to combine two areas: growing strawberries and producing cheese?

 - In the winter, due to the thermal energy produced by the MiningFarm, we will heat the greenhouse with strawberries, and in summer, when there is no need to heat the greenhouse, we will direct this heat to cheese production, because for the pasteurization of milk we need hot water, which we will have enough. The dairy will be built next to the greenhouse. Milk, passing a long path of pasteurization, will turn into brie or Parmesan. Manufacture of cheese will be occupied by representatives of the dynasty of cheese makers from Italy.
- And who will grow strawberries? Tell us about the technologies.

 "For the agricultural sector, we hire one of the best agronomists in Israel. In this country, the most effective technologies in the world are used, which give the greatest harvest. From one hectare we plan to receive 150-200 tons of strawberries a year. We do not spend at all on heating the farm. Cryptoferm will give the region the opportunity to saturate the market with strawberries at an affordable price. Now in winter strawberries cost about 1 thousand rubles per kilogram, and we will be able to supply it to stores all year round at a price of 300 rubles.
- But the main task of the crypto-farm is still mining?

 - Mining farm is software and computing equipment. With its help, applying different cryptographic algorithms, solve complex computing problems. We are launching our own crypto currency, Coinberry, which will be able to pay rent of our crypto-farm to place its equipment by private miners. The project can be found on the KICKICO block-platform, where we launch preICO in March this year. The CoinBerry Token will be launched on the world's leading exchanges. 
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