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"I know - the city will be"

Near the cosmodrome "Vostochny" will build a city

"I know - the city will be"

The chief engineer of the branch "Administration for the construction of facilities of the Vostochny cosmodrome" of the Spetsstroytechnologii enterprise at the Spetsstroy of Russia Sergey Stefanyuk in an interview with - about how the construction site lives today.

- In early September, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the cosmodrome. He stressed that the Vostochny cosmodrome would allow Russia to become independent of the cosmodromes in other states and launch its missiles anytime. What objects of the cosmodrome is your organization building?

- FSUE "Spetsstroytehnologii" under Spetsstroy of Russia "is one of the executors for the implementation of the federal target program" Development of Russian cosmodromes in 2006-2015 years ". We are building four complexes of the spaceport facilities: a command and measurement complex (KISO), a complex for storing rocket fuel components, a plant for processing solid domestic waste, and, of course, housing and engineering facilities for the future city of Tsiolkovsky. For the operational management of production in August 2014, a branch of the enterprise "Office for the construction of the objects of the cosmodrome" Vostochny ", located directly in Uglegorsk, was created.

- What is the future city today?

- We are to build a spacious beautiful residential city and all engineering infrastructure, social and cultural facilities, landscaping. Now, when we finally got most of the necessary first-priority project documentation, it became clear to us how to build. And the construction went at an accelerated pace.

The first stage of housing construction is planned to be completed by June of the year 2015. By this time will be built 1045 apartments for comfortable living 3500 people. The total construction area of ​​the first stage will be more than 18 thousand square meters, the construction volume - almost 400 thousand cubic meters. This year it is planned to complete the construction of 3 houses on 228 apartments, the remaining 9 houses, a kindergarten, an office building and social welfare facilities will be commissioned in 2015 year.

For the spring-summer period, work has already been completed on the construction of structures and structures of the zero cycle. Today, construction of monolithic 12 frameworks for residential buildings, laying of water mains, sewage, electricity and heat supply, construction of a boiler room and treatment facilities are being performed at the housing stock objects. The works are carried out by the flow method for all objects of the first stage of the housing stock construction. As I have already said, we must put the objects of the first stage into operation before 30 June 2015.

And by 2018, 40 houses should be built here for the resettlement of 12 by thousands of employees of the future cosmodrome and all the necessary related infrastructure.

- How are things at the construction of your other objects, besides residential buildings?

- On the complex of measuring equipment (KISO) we perform works on: installation of metal structures of the alignment tower, concreting of the closed car park with a civil defense shelter and reinforced concrete pylons. Part of the priority facilities have already been delivered to the customer for installation of technological equipment. Also works on the device of highways, a lining of engineering networks and communications are conducted.

The object “Construction of a plant for the processing of solid household waste” is in progress to clear the building spot, including the dismantling of buildings below zero. At the object “Complex for storing rocket fuel components”, the customer is developing working documentation for construction.

Unfortunately, our biggest problem is that we do not always receive project documentation on time from the customer. We build, literally, from a sheet. Therefore, mistakes are made. We have to spend precious time on their elimination.

- At this pace of construction, does quality suffer?

- Since the volumes are colossal, and the deadlines are short, it is necessary to increase the building capacity by attracting subcontractors. Naturally, this happens on the basis of open competitive procedures. Yes, there are problems. There was a situation when one of the subcontractors violated the quality requirements of construction. Identified, sorted out, took action. As a result, the contract is terminated. But all this led to a loss of time. But in general - the work is carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements.

- What forces cope? Is it true that foreign workers are involved in the construction of the future city?

- The enterprise resolved the issues of ensuring the construction and labor resources for unconditional fulfillment of the assigned tasks within the deadlines set by the President and the Government of the Russian Federation.

In the production of works today involved about 100 units of construction equipment and more than 700 people. Most of our builders are residents of the Amur region and the Far Eastern region. Given the special purpose of construction sites, all involved employees are citizens of the Russian Federation. So, what foreign workers are talking about, I do not understand.

We are constantly attracting new forces to the construction. Weekly, the number of workers increases by 20-30%. At the same time, the leadership of Russia's Special Construction makes every effort to ensure that people live in comfortable conditions, eat well, receive wages on time.

Before the first launch at the Vostochny Space Center, only a little more than a year left - active construction rates remain at all major facilities of the future space harbor of Russia. Works on most facilities are conducted in two shifts.

In general, the work is carried out in accordance with the approved calendar schedule. People work without regret. We understand the tremendous responsibility that lies with us. And we will fulfill our task.

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