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"I will fight for the interests of the average Kamchatka resident"

Kamchatka region is looking for an investor for the construction of a new airport in the regional capital. The old air terminal complex has been unable to cope with passenger traffic for a long time and does not satisfy the modern needs of passengers. How does Kamchatka look for an investor? What are the requirements for it will be presented - the Governor of the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Ilyukhin told about this on the margins of the second Eastern Economic Forum IA

"I will fight for the interests of the average Kamchatka resident"
- Vladimir Ivanovich, at the second VEF, the Kamchatka Territory presented a large-scale project for the reconstruction of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airport. What financial model have you laid for the implementation of this project?
- It will be implemented on the basis of public-private partnership.

- There was talk that the project Kamchatka will take a budget loan ...
- No. We were really looking for ways to implement this project, and the forms, the most painless for the Kamchatka Territory, but at the same time acceptable for business. A few years ago we achieved the fact that the Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise was transferred to the region, and besides carrying out intraregional flights, the airline also carried out airport services, and we initially thought that the airline itself should implement a project related to With the construction of a new terminal complex.While we were actively working on the reconstruction of the airport, in fact, the construction of a new strip and all related infrastructure was in progress. Of the federal budget.And we promised to implement everything related to airport activities only on PPP terms and at the first stage, until we were sure that the types of activity - air transportation and the airport - must be separated, we just watched examples of Russia. When we calculated all these things, we understood that the airlines would be difficult, we were looking for an opportunity to finance the project, for example, by credit to the airline, but in the end we became convinced that this was not the right way. Because we could endanger our aviation activities.

- The airline must first of all fly ...
- Of course! As a result, we came to the conclusion that we need to divide up activities. But we went in parallel. The airline ordered a new airport complex project at the Krasnoyarsk Institute. As a result, today we have a project that passed state expertise. Now the procedure of airport allocation is still going on, it will take, I think, 2-2,5 months. We plan to complete this work in November - early December. And in the end, we will have another Kamchatka 100% regional enterprise "Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky International Airport". So far, in plans - in September in Moscow to hold a road-show among potential investors.

- And who shows the greatest interest now - Novaport, Basel-aero, Renova?
- I will not talk about it now, this is not entirely correct. But without me you know the largest airport holdings of the country. I will only add that we have our Kamchatka company, which would also like to participate in the project.

“Can you tell her name?”
- No, I will not say. They have long gone to this business, they have an interest. Let's see how financially they will be wealthy. In early December, all procedures will be completed. And I expect that in the first quarter of 2017, we will reach an investment agreement. One of the options is through competition. We will negotiate. But that this will happen - there is no doubt. We agreed that this year, immediately after the division of the company was completed, we would begin the ground works on our own, so that in the first quarter of next year, the investor would go to the finished site and start work.

- So the struggle will be hot?
- Yes.

- Would you like someone to come from? Or do you care?
- I will not express personal attachments. It is important for me that the investor respects the interests of our region. First of all, the interests of the average Kamchatka resident. For me it's not just empty words. I believe in it. I will do everything so that the average Kamchatka resident does not lose from this.

- What will it be? Selling the package?
- Yes, bye - sale package. And the control. Although there are those who insist that the edge should gradually withdraw from the capital. But I am sure that this option will be less interesting for an investor.

- But will Kamchatka still leave some package for itself?
- Of course. We plan to leave 25% so that there is some interest in making savings. But in general, we now prescribe the procedure itself so that the interests of the region are not affected. It is very important for us to observe the interests of the region and solve the problem of construction.

- What attracts investors in the project, in your opinion? Future growth in passenger traffic following tourism?
- Yes exactly. The prospects are good. The flow of tourists for these two years has increased almost three times. And most importantly, if before investors attracted interest only to the construction site, now they are interested in becoming an operator in the future. This is already the next stage. Seeing nothing, they say they are ready to remain an operator! Today, even our old airport complex serves about 500 thousands of passengers per year. And the interest in Kamchatka is enormous, we simply cannot take on more passengers. On international lines, including the USA, the active zone passes through our airport, our place is very advantageous in terms of servicing commercial flights. But there is no possibility. If today the entire aerodrome infrastructure is ready, we have passed a new lane and now we can accept any type of aircraft, then everything that concerns comfort and the provision of services to passengers is practically nothing today. The building was built in 1960's, of course, we are trying to somehow tint lips, but it is clear that this is all - the last century.

The new project involves the construction of a three-story building with an area larger than 22 thousand square meters. meters, it provides for the placement of all services, the entire set necessary for the passenger to feel comfortable. When I set the task for designers, I told them - take the average resident of the Kamchatka region and make him comfortable there. We also have very complicated logistics, sometimes intra-regional flights do not fly for weeks because there is no weather. People somewhere have to wait, live. We have envisaged all these things in the project of the new airport. Plus, the condition that I put to future potential investors is that they themselves will certainly have the right to rework the project, make it cheaper. But outwardly we will leave him. Kamchatka flavor, the entrance group in the form of the plague. We have already presented the picture. The airport was very beautiful, original, Kamchatka, it has a soul. This condition will be mandatory so that the appearance remains the same as in the project.

- And what is this average Kamchatka resident, about which you keep talking all the time? What are his interests?
- Well, imagine a man flew from the north, he should go to the new airport as his own home. He does not have a lot of money, maybe, but he needs to be felt by the owner, not by the guest. These are the principles of Kamchatka. At us now it is practically so. I've flown to Vladivostok - people were waiting at the airport, they were waiting for the flight to the north. There was no weather. Happens, the weather seems to have gone - but the strip has not dried out, we have a lot of dirt strips in the regional airports. For this reason, people must live somewhere. Our airline must feed them every day, give them water, and carry them. The expenses are enormous. People's attitude towards these things should also be Kamchatka, with understanding. Everyone knows that as soon as the window appears and the strip dries, there will definitely be an airplane, there will be a flight and they will be taken home. Such things are, probably, only in the North, and it is important for me that the human attitude is preserved with the construction of a new terminal complex.

- Now from the passenger flow of half a million for domestic transportation, what proportion do you have?
- On average, from 40 to 65 thousand. We are quite active people fly, especially in the summer. To do this, we saved our own airline.

- For the efficient operation of any airport, a basic carrier is required. Will they become "Kamchatka Airlines"?
- Yes. The proposals came to us are different, but for Kamchatka the question of intra-border transportation is of fundamental importance. Aviation for us is a matter of life and death, and we are doing everything to preserve aviation activities. We will develop it as far as possible, despite the fact that the airline has a rather old aviation fleet. But it flies, we retain all opportunities, subsidize transportation within the region - up to half a billion per year we spend on subsidies for Kamchatka residents so that they can fly.

- Is the airline not profitable?
- You know, from an economic point of view, you can look at this thing and say - you have to "kill" it and that's it. Of course, talking about the mad profitability of this business is impossible. But today no regional airline can work without subsidies. The main cost of the ticket is that in the wing, fuel - up to 80%, sometimes more. For the remaining 20%, no airline can survive.

- Therefore, the airline easily went to the division of activities?
- Well, now subsidies will be received only for air transportation. It will be easier for her. But this is so, a nuance.

- New lane today, after reconstruction, works around the clock?
- Yes. From June 1, as we promised, we with the veterans of our aviation rose from the strip, landed, and immediately after that the Aeroflot flight departed. The only thing is that in September they will sign the final document, the roads there should have been completed, on the perimeter alarm and on the improvement. 

- New technologies for clearing the fallen snow did not come up?
- In Kamchatka, they invented at one time to dry the asphalt with a YAK turbine. And something new - I do not even know. A shovel, a dump - and forward.

- And with the Ministry of Defense issues resolved?
- Our airport is historically a dual purpose. The Ministry of Defense is flying from this same strip. Therefore, the restrictions that they can expose, during the exercises, for example, will always be. But it never hampered to carry out regular air transportation. Here everything is honest.
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